How to Colorize Old Photo
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How to Colorize Old Photo

Have you ever had a black and white photo that you wish to convert the images into a colored depiction? Or maybe you come across an old family picture, and you want to make it much beautiful by giving it the actual colors? That is the idea behind the image colorizer.

What is Image Colorizer

Image colorizer is the process of converting a black and white image to produce a quality output colorized Image, ensuring the semantic interpretation in colors and tones of the input are well defined.

For instance, if there is an ocean in the background, then it should appear as blue and not any other color. Well, by the end of this article you will colorize the old photo.

How to use Image ColorizerHow to Colorize Old Photo

Image colorizer is very effective if you want to optimize the old photo. The process to colorize the Image may seem to belong, but you will have fun when doing it.

It is one of the best ways to colorize an image since it maintains the size of the Image, and you choose the colors you want to use. The following are steps to follow when using colorized photos.

  • Step 1: Load into, then load your black and white Image by clicking open’ from the top left corner.

For privacy reasons, your photo is not sent to the servers, so do not be worried.

  • Step 2: The next step is to find a color reference image which is an image that you will use as a source of color for colorization. On instances where you do not
  • step 3: have reference images, then you can download one from Google Images and use it as a reference.
  • Step 4: Save the Image, you have downloaded then again select open now in the right plane and search for your saved Image. At this point, you can start.
  • Step 5: Apply colors to the black and white image from the reference photo.
  • Step 6: Use a color brush size slider to color your Image. The brush is adjustable by clicking the top and bottom of the triangle. You will be provided with a color pane that displays colors to colorize the black and white images, so you simply need to paint the Image accordingly. The brush has an opacity slider to control how much color is applied. Adjusting the opacity helps to increase the realism of the Image. By this time, you will be having the base color applied, so select a new color and repeat the procedure by applying different colors to different parts of the Image. You should continue refining the Image until you get the exact depiction you wanted.
  • Step 7: After you have a beautiful, realistic colored photo, click the save button to save the colorized photo.

Benefits of Image Colorizer

  • You can use grayscale images for free;
  • The size of the input and output image is maintained;
  • It can be used for reference;
  • It is fun and easy to use.

Alternative Tool: Photoshop

If you want an alternative program, then you can try Photoshop. This is one of the most well-known platforms to colorize old photos. Photoshop offers a lot of options. However, it has setbacks since it is a mechanical tool that needs a lot of skills to use and therefore discourages armature.

Coloring a single photo may take up to thirty minutes hence making it tiresome. For one to be able to adjust curves in Photoshop, then there must be a lot of practice. These challenges make it very difficult to use if you are not a pro.

How to Colorize Old Photo: Conclusion

Colorizing an old photo breathes new life into the Image. People meticulously find a way to add colors into old photos making it easy for them to tell stories about a past event and even making the images more memorable.

If you compare a history told using a colored image to any told using black and white images, then you will realize that the colored one appears to be more memorable and well understood.

I enjoy so much bringing life into an old photo by colorizing it, the process itself is very fun, and the vivid depiction of the Image in mind makes it awesome. In most cases, I do it to help me memorize old-time events that I feel I would like to share with other people.

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