How to Overcome Pain When The Doctor Is Out

Written By Alla Levin
August 04, 2020

How to Overcome Pain When The Doctor Is Out

Whether physical or emotional, we will all experience some pain throughout our lives. Usually, we will start by feeling sorry for ourselves and wrap up in our duvet, hoping the pain will go away. However, sometimes it doesn’t, and so we need to take steps to change it. If the doctor is out, though, what solutions do you have?

Alternative Medicines

You can’t always rely on prescription medication to help you tackle your ailments. This is why alternative medicines can also be useful in dealing with a range of physical and mental health issues.  Some people might consider it a little new age for their taste, but the healing powers of natural ingredients and essential oils, while not being capable of curing everything, can undoubtedly ease discomfort. Such alternative medicines can reduce stress, nausea, and even Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, making your life more livable and contributing to a happier existence. 

Support Groups connect with people

Nobody should have to suffer all alone, but you can often feel like you are the only one who is currently in the grips of your pain. This is rarely the case, though, and even though some may not be experiencing the same issues you are, there will be enough that share similar problems. 

Support groups are a fantastic way for people to come to terms with any illness or condition. It makes you feel you are not alone, and it gives you a chance to connect with people who understand better than your friends and family.  Furthermore, these support groups can also offer advice on coping with problems that you may not have considered beforehand. 

Journaling How to Overcome Pain

Diaries and journaling are becoming an increasingly popular way of coping with pain, especially if you are by yourself. For mental unrest, you can use this method to jot down how you feel every day, and getting feelings down on paper makes them easier to deal with, rather than having them swimming through your mind all day. 

Likewise, keeping a pain diary helps you identify patterns and triggers for what causes the worst of your pain. From here, you can make lifestyle adjustments to avoid these situations in the future. 

Exerciseaqua aerobics

The power of exercise is something that we all know about. After an intense workout, your blood is pumping, you have greater clarity, and the endorphins rushing through your body give you the Runner’s High that so many people crave. 

However, some people, especially those suffering from chronic physical pain, are reluctant to exercise as it can put too much pressure on joints and muscles, making them feel worse for it. You don’t need to hit the gym or go for a run, though. Instead, consider low-impact exercises, such as yoga or aqua aerobics. You will get the same benefits, but you won’t feel too strained afterward. 

How to Overcome Pain: Feelin’ Fine

While most pain will go away overnight, ignoring consistent pain in your head, body, and heart will only make it worse. You can’t always get to the doctor, but you can find alternative ways to help you battle through your discomfort and make it slightly more manageable. 

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