How to Protect your Eyeglasses

Written By Alla Levin
August 05, 2020

How to Protect Eyeglasses

How much did you pay for your eyeglasses? A little? A lot? Were they off the rack in a drugstore, or did you opt for something with a little extra flair and a designer’s name etched into the inside frame? Whatever you spent, you probably took time to choose the right pair – both in terms of making sure you tested out and purchased the correct lens strength and in terms of posing in front of the mirror to ensure your cheekbones look as ready for the Hollywood red carpet as possible.

Sound about right? This all means that, no matter how much you spent, you invested time into choosing your eyeglasses, and that can sting when they suffer an accidental broken frame or cracked lens.

That’s why today we’re going to be looking at ways to protect your eyeglasses because no one wants that heart-sinking feeling of knowing that the crack you just heard when you sat down was your glasses – wish as you might that you sat on a twig. If you’re still deciding on what eyewear you want or you’re looking for an extra pair, check out this website with rectangle eyeglasses (amongst other ranges) for ideas.

Find your glasses case and use it.choosing your eyeglasses

We’ve all been guilty of throwing our glasses in our work bag and not bothering to put them in a case first. In fact, most people have a zip compartment in a work bag dedicated to transporting their glasses too and from work. But this is not good enough. Your glasses are at risk inside a flimsy bag, and the lens may become scratched and cloudy against the inside of the bag. Invest in a sturdy, protective glasses case.

Please don’t wear them for sports or hands-on activities like DIY

Glasses are made of thin pieces of metal and glasses. They break and smash all the time, so don’t give them ample opportunity to bounce off your face and fall to the floor while playing sports or hammering in the garden. Instead, look into prescription sporting and DIY alternatives (they usually come with a strap that keeps them firmly attached to your head) and keep your main and much-loved glasses safe in a case. Check what can be better for you: eyeglasses or contact lenses if you need them.

Could you keep them in the shade?
How to Protect Eyeglasses

This is a little-known tip that makes sense the moment you stop to think about it. If you have metallic frames, and especially if the frames are thin, the heat from the sun can expand the metal slightly, causing lenses to pop out or certainly become partially dislodged, meaning that when you try to fix things with your hands, you actually end up bending the frame out of shape by accident.

Glasses are one of the things you should never keep in a car on a hot day. Getting into the habit of storing your glasses safely, wearing alternative glasses for activities, and keeping them out of the sun can be hard – but you’ll save money in the long run.

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