Genius Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

Written By Alla Levin
August 14, 2020
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Outsmarting Amazon and Beyond: 5 Genius Ways to Save Money While Shopping Online

Most of us love the enjoyment and ease of online shopping, but how do you know you’re getting the best possible deal and save money?

Online retailers offer us groceries, clothes, toys, electronics, and more; all delivered straight to our door.

Shopping from home saves us time, offers fast delivery, and can even help us save money—if we’re smart about it.

If you’re curious as to how you can save money when shopping online, keep reading for five genius tips to find the best prices.

  1. Leave Items in Your Online Cart

If there’s one thing online retailers dislike, it’s a missed opportunity.

Digital sites are keen to close the sale and may offer incentives if they notice you’ve started shopping but not finished the sale.

Next time, try adding a few items to your cart when shopping online. Then, walk away and wait.

Within a day or two, you’re likely to receive an email from the merchant, offering you a discount as an incentive to make the purchase.

  1. Use Couponing and Cash-Back Websitesbest Target deals.

Online coupons and cash-back websites are great ways to save money shopping online.

With digital coupons, you can find fantastic savings from your favorite retailers, such as the best Target deals.

Coupons change weekly, so there’s always fantastic savings to be had.

You can also use cash-back websites, which allow you to buy from an online retailer via a third-party site.

It gives you a small percentage of your purchase cost back, an easy way to save.

  1. Sign Up to Mailing Lists

If you don’t mind a few extra emails, signing up for mailing lists or newsletters from online stores can give you extra discounts.

Retailers like to reward loyalty. They also want to build up their mailing lists and may offer a small discount as a thank you for signing up.

The newsletters themselves may offer unique offers for subscribers, so it’s worth signing up.

  1. Save Your Shopping for Special Eventsbest days to shop

If you’re planning to make a few expensive purchases online, it can sometimes help to wait for a special occasion.

Certain holidays are associated with shopping deals, both in-store and now online.

The best days to shop include Black Friday, Amazon Prime Day, Cyber Monday, and Memorial Day.

You can find huge holiday savings on these dates, so they are worth waiting for.

  1. Comparison Shop

Before making a purchase online, check with multiple retailers to see which company offers the best price.

You can also search for an item on Google Shopping, which also lets you search by retailer, price, and even if the company offers free delivery.

Certain products can vary greatly, so it’s worth it to take a bit of extra time to find the lowest prices online.

Save Money Shopping Online Today

Shopping online is fun, convenient, and easy—but it can also save you money.

Use the tips above to become a savvy online shopper, finding the best coupons, and deals for any purchase.

With so many online retailers, companies are vying for your business, and shoppers can find amazing savings.

Save money today when shopping online—your wallet will thank you!

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