Getting The Most From Your Staff While They Work From Home

Written By Alla Levin
August 14, 2020

Getting The Most From Staff Work From Home

2020 has been an odd year for business. We’re all aware that businesses are challenging to operate at the best of times. Operating during a worldwide pandemic? That’s a little more difficult.

Back in March, many governments around the world implemented stay-at-home orders, meaning it’s likely you’ve been operating a remote basis for a while now. You may want to continue this. If you do, you’ll need to put new measures in place to ensure your staff can work to the best of their ability. Here’s some more information on the subject!

Why Continue Remote Operations?Continue Remote Operations

Many businesses now have the option to return to in-office work. But a huge number of companies are choosing to go against this and continue operating a remote workforce.  There are a number of reasons for this that could benefit your company.

  • It is safer for your team first and foremost, operating on a remote basis is still the safest option for your team. While things may be getting back to normal, the virus is still out there, and not exposing your team to the outside world for work is the safest means of operation.
  • Reduced Operating Costs – many businesses have found that operating on a remote basis is much cheaper. You cut most of your business overheads, such as commercial rent, energy bills, and furnishings.
  • Higher Levels of Staff Satisfaction – staff tend to be happier working from home. They miss the morning and evening commute, they can wear more comfortable clothes and they can whip up better food on their lunch breaks.
  • Higher Levels of Productivity of course, happy staff tend to be more productive staff, which is great news for your business and its profits.

Getting the Most from Your Team

If you do decide to continue remote operations, there are a few things you can do to keep your team on track and get the most from them. Here are some steps to consider.

Invest in Necessary Softwaredigital workflow automation

There’s a lot of software out there that can help workers operate from home. Communication software like Microsoft Teams will help them to instant message, as they would if they were firing questions back and forth in the office.

A digital workflow automation platform can help to ensure that everyone knows what tasks they need to complete. Look at what’s out there and invest.

Staff Work From Home: Set Clear Goals and Targets

Setting clear goals and targets is essential. It will let your staff know what’s expected of them. Make sure to set everyone KPIs (or “key performance indicators”) to ensure that everyone’s working as hard as they should be while unsupervised.

These really are uncertain times. But hopefully, some of this information will help you to keep operating your business through this pandemic in the best way possible. Implement some of these steps into your working routine and everything should run smoothly!

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