Rural Iowa Needs Affordable Housing And New Laws To Thrive

Written By Alla Levin
August 21, 2020

Rural Iowa Needs Affordable Housing And New Laws To Thrive

The rural areas in Iowa have been facing a few problems for a while. Such as shrinking job opportunities.

And with old homes in need of reconstruction, but very few employment opportunities paying well enough to allow rural Iowa’s residents to renovate, the problem for these areas continues.

Add that to a lack of physicians within the vicinity to facilitate basic healthcare needs for residents.

And you have what is sadly beginning to look like a bleak future for the rural communities of Iowa. 

The lack of affordable housing is also a driving factor that deters young couples and families from seeking rural life in Iowa.

To preserve Iowa’s rural heritage, sparser areas need a lot of investment and opportunities to thrive.

Randy Baxter, was kind enough to offer Iowans an opportunity to access plots of land for free. So long as people had the intention of building new homes on the land available.

Plus, with reputable companies such as Edrich Lumber, Inc, willing to deliver sustainable and affordable materials to Iowa.

It’s any wonder why people, or investors, haven’t taken up the opportunity to begin building houses and businesses in Iowa’s smaller town and rural areas.

People who live in Iowa, on average, dedicate almost 30% of their wages on their existing mortgage.

Highlighting an issue that the houses available within the area are expensive.

Thus most people are unable to invest in other properties because they don’t have much disposable income left over after paying their bills to save and put a deposit down on an investment property.

But there is still hope that a property developer or company shall see potential in Iowas’ rural locations.

With so much outdoor space, nature, and scenic views, it would be the perfect place to create starter homes for budding families dreaming of the quiet life.

As of the 14th July 2020, Governor’s set out to support and empower rural Iowa by offering $400,000 for projects, innovative projects, and studies that could help communities in rural Iowa that are fading.

Lt Governor Adam Gregg, the co-chair of the Governor’s Empower Rural Iowa Initiative, said

‘When developers see just how great the housing needs are from these assessments, they get the confidence they need to invest in rural Iowa.’

To increase its residents and interest in this rural area from Americans and abroad, there may need to be an amendment in federal immigration law to which the Iowa Business Council (IBC) intends to lobby for. 

Moreover, Joe Murphy, executive director of the IBC, believes improving access and support to childcare, cutting down taxes, and allowing more skilled workers who are immigrants to access Iowa is essential for Rural Iowa to succeed and thrive in the future.

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