How Can You Actually Know If You’re Entitled To Compensation?

Written By Alla Levin
August 25, 2020

How Can You Know If You’re Entitled To Compensation?

We see it all the time.

Advertisements pushing the fact that if you only use their services, you can gain thousands in free compensation thanks to some kind of legal loophole, an issue that has since been resolved in a class-action lawsuit, or perhaps insurance you were once mis-sold.

It’s true that with all of these different options seemingly surfacing many times a year, we have become immune to the excitement those services are trying to build and convert into a call to action.

But how can we know if we’re ACTUALLY entitled to something in our regular lives?

Sometimes it can be hard to tell, even if you are fully and completely within your right to take legal action.

Lawyers’ consultation fees can sometimes put people off, and even if they are willing to waive the fee or are more than reasonably priced and prestigious, the opportunity cost of putting yourself through a lawsuit can be an effort in itself.

So – where to begin? Well, with these handy markers, you may gain the insight you’re looking for:

Speak To Legal Counsel

Legal counsel, such as the Ross Law Firm, will be able to help you understand if you have a case or not.

Remember, you’re not here to sway them into your way of thinking, you’re to present the full facts and information, even if they work against you, of the situation.

Lawyers will be able to deduce the full story in the first place, they are experts at it, and they may feel hesitant working with an initially dishonest client.

That being said, legal counsel can help guide you from the beginning and help you avoid wasting your potential case if you are entitled.

Speak to them immediately. They are an amazing resource to have at your side.

Entitled To Compensation: Collect Evidence In Your FavorEntitled To Compensation

It’s important to present the full story in all respects, and that means gathering evidence.

Keeping correspondence with a company, having your dashcam footage placed in a secure environment (such as the cloud or a USB stick – make more than one copy) – and also your contracts or all other terms you were acting under.

If you can present this information and work with your lawyer to present your case, the better off you will be.

Understand The Specifics Of Your Case

It’s important why you wish to seek compensation in the first place.

Have you been fired without warning for a reason you do not consider fully justified? Read what your contract says, and what the employment policies of your previous employer dictate.

While you can present this information to a lawyer, it’s also important to know where your impressions have come from – and why you have made them.

This inquiry gives you the chance to more easily articulate why you are trying to move ahead with this process, and sometimes, it can stop an erroneous case from going forward, to begin with.

With this advice, we hope you can more easily understand and figure out if you’re entitled to compensation, finally what that means going forward.

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