Desk Set-Up Tips For A left-Handed Person

Written By Alla Levin
September 03, 2020
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Desk Set-Up For A left-Handed Person

If you’re left-handed, it can sometimes feel like the whole world is set-up for right-handed people, including your desk.  If you’ve spent time creating a desk set-up that is ergonomic, you should also make sure you haven’t automatically set things up in a way that is more challenging for you to use.

With some easy changes, you can make your desk more comfortable and easier for lefties to use.  Most employers never ask new employees whether they’re left or right-handed, and automatically give them a desk set-up in the standard way, without any specialist equipment for lefties.  You can adjust this yourself though. 

Get the mouse right

Buy yourself an ambidextrous or left-handed ergonomic mouse, as this will much more comfortable for you to use.  Ask your employer if you can claim this purchase back on expenses, as essential for your desk. An ergonomic mouse will effectively support your wrist as you work, and not cause any pain, discomfort, and strain.

Think about your stationery placementleft-handed ergonomic mouse,

When you start a new job, it’s likely that whoever set it up for you didn’t think about where it’s helpful to have things if you’re left-handed.  They probably automatically put things like notebooks, pen holders, and document holders on the right-hand side.

This isn’t ideal for you, as you’ll have to reach over your whole desk every time you want a pen.  Switch everything to the other side to make everything more accessible and comfortable. 

Use a detachable number pad

If you can get your company to pay for more desk equipment, ask them to buy you a keyboard with a detachable number pad. This means that you can remove the number pad in order to move the mouse closer t the center of the body in a more comfortable position, or switch it to the other side for more comfortable use for left-handers.

Use a shaped desk

If you’re setting up an office at home, or get a say in the kind of desk you have at work, get a shaped desk.  A desk in a wave or cut-out design is designed to be more ergonomic. You can choose these desks in a left or right-handed stance.  Choose one made for lefties, so you can properly organize your desk for you. 

Ask someone to check your set-up

Someone in the office should be able to deliver training on how to properly set up and use your desk in the most ergonomic way.  After you’ve finished moving things around, ask them to take a look at what you’ve done to make sure you’ve put things in the best place to support your body properly, promote good posture, and be as comfortable as you can as you work. 

If your employer hasn’t provided for you as a left-handed person, let them know what you need.  You need the proper equipment in order to do your job, and you asking may help other lefties in the office or who work there later on too. 

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