Five Clear Signs You’re Ready For A New Career

Written By Alla Levin
September 03, 2020

Five Clear Signs You’re Ready For A New Career

We don’t always know what we want to be when we are heading off to college. Sometimes, it takes doing a degree and working for a decade before it clicks – that dream career.

It may take you some time, and it may mean that you take a big risk, but you deserve to realize your own dreams.

So, if you’re wobbling on the line between choosing to continue where you are and feel unhappy, or stepping into something new, here are some of the signs you need to push you over the edge.

Ready For A New Career: You’re BoredReady For A New Career

Every single job has moments of boredom, and not every moment of boredom means that you should change careers.

However, if you are feeling apathetic, bored, and dread when it comes to your job, you need an out.

You need to realize that there is more to life than being stuck in a job you hate: and you can get out and do something else.

Boredom can be a killer, a killer of dreams more than a killer of your life, of course.

You Feel No Passion

You should feel purpose in your career. You are spending upwards of seven hours a day in the workplace, and if you don’t feel the passion in those hours you’re doing it wrong.

Seek out that passion with an Accredited Petroleum Accountant Program Overview and learn about what you can do next.

Your work should have meaning to you, and while you may have responsibilities that rely on your salary, you get to explore other avenues that allow you to grow that salary.

If you go back and learn something new, you can reignite that passion you have.

You Aren’t Valued

You should feel valued for your talents and your knowledge.

Speak to your employer about how you feel, and if nothing changes, work on a way to advance elsewhere with an employer who is going to value what you can bring to the table.

Try to work with them on what will make you feel valued, and give it a chance: you never know!

Your Needs Are Ignored

The company for which you work should have values that align with yours.

If you feel like your values are not matching up with your employer, and you aren’t getting what you need in terms of progression or opportunities, you need to be clear about that fact.

It’s stressful to know that you are working for an employer who doesn’t care about you and your needs, and you have to decide if you can do that for years to come!

Your Body Is Burnt Out

Migraines, tension headaches, muscular pain, stress – does this all sound familiar? That’s your body telling you to slow down and do something that won’t make you feel those things.

You shouldn’t feel so exhausted that your body won’t cooperate anymore, and you should pay attention to those feelings.

Once you are working in a career that makes you feel good mentally, you’ll feel good physically, too.

You’re ready for a new career, and now is the time to go and get it. 

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