Tips For Starting a Financial Advice Business

Written By Alla Levin
September 08, 2020

Tips For Starting a Financial Advice Business

Launching any new business can be a daunting prospect, and financial advice may feel like an added pressure to deliver. However, it is also one of the most rewarding, and a successful financial advice business can be a lucrative and satisfying way to earn a living. When you’re starting out, there are a few things you’ll want to ensure and avoid in order to give yourself the greatest chance of building a sustainable business.

Business Planning

As with any new business, developing a detailed plan for your company is absolutely vital, and should never be overlooked. Alongside naming, startup costs, and overheads, your main consideration should be your target market.

It’s extremely rare that a financial advice business will cover all areas of the market – and these are always huge corporations with many different arms. Where do you want to focus your energy? Are you more qualified and interested in providing advice to small indie start-ups, or to bigger retail companies?

Do you want to specialize in the arts sector, or in another area you are particularly interested in? Narrowing down your focus will help you find a niche and sell yourself to potential clients.

Establish Your PresenceBusiness Planning

A good marketing campaign is one of the keys to every successful startup. Your greatest platform will be the internet, so it’s incredibly important you find and implement good digital marketing for financial advisors, in order to establish your presence and secure your brand.

You will want your company to grow through any means, including word of mouth, but first, you need to draw in your initial customers. It’s vital that your marketing campaign targets the right audience, and that it presents you as a trustworthy, reliable source of advice. Put your credentials front and center, and use your personal experience to encourage trust and a sense of authority.

Get Completely Ready

It can be tempting to jump the shark – you’re eager to get started, you want to get stuck in and start working to grow your business.  However, you mustn’t launch before you are completely ready.

This could be a matter of time, finances, or establishment.  You will need to ensure you can meet demand and make good on any marketing promises before opening yourself up for business.  Otherwise, you risk causing disappointment and damaging your reputation before you’ve barely begun.

Develop a Unique OfferingDevelop a Unique Offering

There are a huge number of financial advice businesses out there – what sets you aside from the others?  Is it a personal approach? The way you interact with clients? Do you offer any perks for joining you that might appeal to your target client base?

Once they have employed an advice service, many clients tend to be very loyal to that business – you can improve these retention figures even further by offering a service they won’t be able to get anywhere else.

As part of your business plan, think creatively about these ideas, and then how they could be practically implemented. By creating a unique business offering, you’ll be setting yourself up for success.

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