How To Improve Office Safety

Written By Alla Levin
September 09, 2020
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How To Improve Office Safety

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your staff safe while they’re at work.

Offices might not seem like dangerous places, but there are more hazards than you might think.

If you’re working on improving offices this year, make sure you think about making them safer places to be too, to avoid accidents or lawsuits.

Improve office safety: keep the office free of clutter

One of the most common work accidents is trips and falls caused by clutter. An employee who falls could call a personal injury attorney and sue.

Anything left in walkways is a trip hazard. Ensure that everything is put away in its proper place keep walkways and doors clear.

Make sure any cables are properly secure and covered too.

Properly store heavy items

A heavy item that is not stored or secured properly can cause some nasty accidents. Heavy objects should be stored low to the floor so they can’t fall on someone.

Check the load capacity of any shelving or storage units to avoid them collapsing after being overloaded. 

Provide adjustable equipmentProvide adjustable equipment

Sitting at a desk all day is bad for everyone, and sitting with bad posture can lead to back and shoulder pain, causing staff to need time off.

Avoid this issue by providing adjustable equipment.

Chairs, desks, and computer monitors should all be adjustable so staff can move them around into a position that works for them.

Investing in ergonomic equipment will save you money in the long-term when compared against the cost of lost productivity and sick days.

When you have new hires in the office, make sure their workspace needs are met and that they know how to safely adjust their setup for best posture and comfort. 

Get the lighting right

Fluorescent lights are popular in offices, but these are actually too bright for optimal vision.

Take out some bulbs from overhead fixtures, and instead give staff task lamps for their desks so they can add more light if they need it without straining their eyes.

Check these lamps have bulbs that are fully recessed, so there is no bright spot in the line of vision while working. 

Keep cords in good repair

Damaged power cords are a serious fire hazard. All electrical cords should be checked over on a regular basis, and removed if they are frayed or have any exposed wires.

Make sure that any outlets are not being overloaded with too many things plugged into them. 

Improve Office Safety: Conduct Walk-Throughs

The easiest way to have the safest possible office is to walk through it occasionally to check for any issues.

After a safety plan is developed, it’s common for standards to start to slip after a while. The staff starts to pile up files everywhere again or plug way too many things into the outlets.

A regular walk-through prevents standards from slipping as you can spot and fix any potential problems before they cause accidents.

Listen to employee complaints too, as this can help you spot other problems. 

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