Four Fundraising Ideas for Your Organization

Written By Alla Levin
September 16, 2020

Four Fundraising Ideas for Your Organization

Fundraising is a necessity for many organizations, including charities and nonprofits.  There might be a specific project that you need to raise money for, such as a new building, or you may need to carry out continual fundraising to ensure a steady stream of donations and funds.

When you need to raise money for your organization, many ideas could work out for you. From holding events such as restaurant fundraisers to getting supporters to raise money at home, fundraisers can help you get the money you need and promote any important causes to your organization.

Hold a Virtual Fundraiser

Facing challenges in hosting in-person events, many organizations, including those in Atlanta, have shifted to virtual events. These events, accessible through atlanta events tickets, bring the experience of live gatherings online, featuring conferences and talks with guest speakers. This approach not only keeps the community engaged but also allows global participation, offering a unique way to experience Atlanta’s dynamic event scene and support local initiatives from anywhere.

Read more about this type of event that could offer sponsorship packages in the same way a live event does. It could also include the sale of tickets to “attend” the event, as well as the sale of merchandise or extra things like a raffle or auction.

Fundraising Ideas: Recognize Your Donors

If you want people to donate to a specific project, it helps tell potential donors what’s in it for them.  Of course, doing something that makes them feel good is a start, but other tangible or more public benefits could also be offered.

You can recognize your donors by giving them a shoutout or letting them have a say.  By working with Brick Markers USA, Inc., you could give your donors personalized bricks in your new building or memorial. You might mention your sponsors’ names in the program if you’re holding an event.

Get Supporters to Raise Money

Encouraging your supporters to raise money can be a great way to have donations flooding in. Instead of just giving a straight donation, they can get involved with raising awareness and feel like they’re doing something to help.

You could encourage your supporters to do plenty of different things. Whether they’re holding a bake sale or doing a sponsored run, to help them out, provide them with materials that they can use to achieve their goal. Offer printable and shareable fundraising packs with information, resources, ideas, and useful forms and sheets. 

It is also important to make sure that the accounts are all in order for when the money comes in. Each donation must be tracked and placed in the right place for charity. If you follow this guide to nonprofit bookkeeping best practices you can’t put a foot wrong.

Run an Exclusive Event

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If you’re thinking of holding an event in person, doing something exclusive for some select high-rolling donors could be the way to do it. You could invent them for a special dinner, a silent auction, a golfing event, a gallery show, or anything else that creates an air of exclusivity.

Of course, there is a lot to plan here. You will have a big to-do list, from the guest list to hiring foothill portables, but it is worth it. It can make people keener to get involved because they know they will have an experience that only a few people will benefit from. You can fundraise for your organization using a range of techniques, including events and community projects. Think of what might get donors interested and excited about what you’re doing.

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