Smart Ways For Entrepreneurs To Cut Website Bounce Rate By 50%

Written By Alla Levin
September 23, 2020

Smart Ways For Entrepreneurs To Cut Website Bounce Rate By 50%

50% looks like a big number, but it’s relative. As a business, your bounce rate should be as low as 30%. However, Hotjar suggests it is as high as 60%, and that’s worrying. With so many people deciding to dash before you can encourage them to convert, your website (and business) will struggle.

However, you shouldn’t see your company’s bounce rate as a bad thing. Instead, it’s a metric of where you’re operating currently and how you must adapt or die. Thankfully, the reality is that reducing the BR by as much as half is doable even with the simplest of techniques.

Here are the smartest and most accessible to focus on.

Get Rid Of The Ads

Adverts and sponsorship are the platform’s bread and butter. Without them, your revenue streams would fall dramatically. Therefore, to reduce the number of ads appears to be a fatal error, yet there is a method in the madness. Too many adverts do two things. Firstly, they cause users to minimize them, which is annoying, and secondly, they reduce the site’s upload speeds. Getting rid of a selection of them will improve your platform’s features and encourage more people to stay and convert.

Extra sales is where you make up for the loss of sponsorship money.

Send Them To Dedicated Landing PagesSend Them To Dedicated Landing Pages

While this sounds obvious, it’s a trick that lots of businesses miss. To raise awareness of the whole brand, companies try to cover all bases and funnel users to the homepage. Once there, they rationalize, the audience can click-through the correct webpage while learning more about the organization. Sadly, this doesn’t happen. Instead, people recognize the page isn’t relevant and bounce. So, by diverting your readers to the right landing page, you should avoid unnecessary bounces from people who can’t be bothered to find what they’re after.

Cut Website Bounce Rate: Switch Internet Providers

If your internet connection is slow, your ability to tweak the platform and react to feedback will also move at a snail’s pace. Far too many businesses put up with unsuitable connections as they have signed or contract or don’t think anything will change. Any “partner” that isn’t giving you the service you paid for is liable.

With that in mind, you can use a comparison source such as High Speed Options to compare bundles and speeds in your area and use the information to switch to a better supplier.

Use CTAsUse CTAs

Calls to action are essential as people don’t always make split-second judgments. Sometimes, your site does enough to pique their curiosity, which is when you must encourage them to convert.

A CTA does this by empowering and imploring audiences to take action through strategic words and phrases.

The most powerful ones relate to added value. For example, the button you want them to click on can merely say something like “buy now.” However, it’s more enticing if it reads, “click here to start your free trial” since the customer is rewarded.

And, let’s face it – who doesn’t love a freebie?!

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