Why Should You Opt for an Online Prayer Request?

Written By Alla Levin
September 28, 2020
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Why Should You Opt for an Online Prayer Request?

Heavenly graces are much needed to cope with the daily challenges of life. Even when you feel that God is not answering your prayers, He is most certainly strengthening you to face all your crosses. In Christian charity, you are called to pray for others, especially those with a pressing need.

Allow God to become an integral part of your life and resort to the powerful medium of an online prayer request at your disposal. Pursuing a daily prayerful ritual strengthens and transforms you spiritually as it also gives meaning to your very existence.

Connecting with God is not a complicated proposition, and prayer is the fastest way to open communication channels with your Creator. It humbles, inspires, and rebuilds your faith in supreme power. Though it takes courage to divulge your burdens to other faithful disciples, the power of community praying must never be underestimated.

Embracing a prayerful lifestyle by engaging with a vibrant online community of fellow Christians benefits you more than you can realize. Listed here are compelling reasons to opt for an online prayer request:

Online Prayer: Provides a Safe Platform

Quite often, your deepest struggles prove too painful to share with your inner circle openly. An online platform is your safest bet to offload your worries. Here, your need for privacy is respected, and you are guaranteed unconditional prayerful support.

Inculcates the Practice of Praying For Others

Praying for another, even when in private, is a selfless act. When it becomes a habit, the inner joy you experience is beyond compare. As you develop the art of praying with all sincerity for those in need, you will never hesitate to do so publicly should the need arise.

Lightens Your Burden

Typing out your prayer request online is a therapeutic first step. The fact that other faithful disciples are willing to pray on your behalf infuses courage and strength to face your trials. It helps you lighten your burden and makes you realize you are not alone in your hour of sorrow.

Reminds Us That Someone Else Is In ControlOnline Prayer Request

Scanning through the flood of online prayer requests posted by other community members is a reminder that you, too, need divine intervention. You may choose to believe that you have everything under control till one slight wake-up call gives you a reality check.

Giving up is not the answer, especially when you are awakened to the fact that you are blessed beyond measure. The tremendous faith displayed by others will strengthen your belief in God and His hand to comprehend ways.

Lets You to Focus on the Bigger Picture

The act of making a humble and prayerful online prayer request in itself reveals to you the answers you have been seeking. It brings to light the finer aspects of the issues at hand, which you may have overlooked earlier.

When you connect with God, He listens and guides you without you consciously realizing the same. You begin to focus more on your purpose in life, which, in turn, aids your decision making.

Unite yourself with others in your religious community by staying committed to a life of prayer. Holy portals give you a sense of oneness with the Lord, so utilize every opportunity given to lift your needy brothers and sisters in prayer.

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