Ensuring Your Site Is The Right Fit For Your Customers

Written By Alla Levin
September 30, 2020

Responsive Design: Ensuring Your Site  Is The Right Fit For Customers

When you’re designing a website, you have to always keep in mind who it’s for, exactly. If you don’t have an audience in mind, then you’re not going to have a developed approach to win them over that spans through the site. As such, you can end up missing the mark with your customers and failing to appeal to them, entirely.

Here, we’re going to look at how you ensure your site’s sights and responsive design are set solely on the customer and how to ensure you don’t miss them.

Know your audiencedefine your target market

First of all, if you want to make sure that you’re talking to the right paint points and in the right tone in order to reach your customer, then you need to have a good idea of who you are talking to. Take the time to define your target market and construct an ideal customer profile and make sure that any demographic considerations fit the majority of the customer base that you want to target. Having certain things in mind, like age, a career position, lifestyle and the like can help you get more specific and memorable in your design.

Responsive design content for them

Once you have aspects of your average target market member in mind, it becomes a lot easier to talk to their specific interests and problems. Content marketing for small businesses can play a huge role in establishing the kind of brand you need and bringing more people onto your website.

Think about the pain points of your average customer and what kind of information related to your business they might be looking for, then write content around that understanding.

Work with people who understand them

Most business owners are not going to be building their own website, of course. They’re going to work with design and development professionals. It’s worth looking, firstly, at those who provide services to companies in your industry specifically. An insurance website design team is going to know about communicating with insurance customers than a dental website building.

They can come prepared with a good understanding of what kind of navigation, content formatting, and other design elements are more likely to appeal to your audience. They will still need your insight into your own target market, but they know how to apply that to the discipline of website design.

Stay consistent with your other platforms

If you already have an app, an eCommerce platform, a blog, social media accounts, or any other kind of presence, you have to ensure your website is consistent with them. All of these presences will have cultivated a brand identity with your customer that they will know, recognize, and come to expect. If your website is too drastically different from them, it can end up creating a disconnect that turns more of them away than anything.

The tips above need to be adapted depending on your business and who you are targeting, but the overall message at the core remains the same: good targeting with your website is crucial to its success.

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