The Worries Of Going On A Road Trip

Written By Alla Levin
October 14, 2020

The Worries Of Going On A Road Trip

Going on a road trip can get you a little worried. You’ll be spending days, and even weeks, out there on the road, and who knows what you’ll come across? Road trips are a lot of fun, yes, and a great way to take a different kind of vacation, but they’re still anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re going with just one or two people. 

But there are some great ways out there to eliminate the worry of going on a road trip. If you know what you’re going to worry about the most before you go, and you know a few tips and tricks to help you prepare for dealing with these worries, you’ll be just fine. Who knows, you might even have the vacation of a lifetime! 

And without further ado, here are a few of those road trip worries that might be relevant to you right now. It’s not bad to acknowledge them – you’ve just got to work with them, rather than trying to get through them, so you can properly enjoy your trip! 

A Flare-Up of Travel Anxiety

Travel anxiety can affect all kinds of people, and it can even bring down the most experienced of travelers. After all, our brains can fly off the handle at the seemingly weirdest and smallest of things, and who knows what might set it off to panic about a trip you’ve very much been looking forward to until now? 

Maybe you’re scared of flying to get to your road-tripping destination? It’s good to keep in mind just how safe airplanes are and have always been and how many relaxation techniques there are to make good use of. Even just a bit of controlled breathing can bring your heart rate right back down. 

Most of all, remember that you’re willing to go on this vacation, and you want to have a nice time while you’re driving along. Seeing the world is a big dream for you. And that’s exactly what you need to focus on at a time like this; the positives outweigh the negatives. 

Losing Your Concentrationcontrolled breathing

Are you worried about losing your focus when on the road? Maybe you’re the only driver out of your entire travel party, which means you’ll always be behind the wheel, no matter how tired you are. And when it comes to hitting the streets at night to have fun, you’re the only one who isn’t allowed to drink. That can be a very unfair situation to be in, and be sure to remind your travel partners of their luck here! 

Most of all, you’re going to want to use the systems in the car to your advantage here. Make sure you blast the air conditioning if you ever feel a bit sleepy – if it’s warm and cozy when you’re in your seat, you’re going to want a jet of fresh, cold air now and then to wake you up again! 

You’ll Get Lost

Maybe you’re worried about getting lost? Don’t worry. This is the most obvious and pervasive worry before going on a road trip. Maybe you’ll get all turned around at one point, and maybe you’ll turn off at the wrong junction, or maybe you’ll forget to take the map and/or road trip itinerary with you. All in all, there are quite a few ways you can get lost when taking a road trip, but this shouldn’t stop you from going on yours! 

You can stop to ask for directions if you’re in a city or town, and don’t be afraid to approach strangers with a few questions about where you should be going. They’ll be just fine to help – make sure you learn a few phrases if you’re headed to a foreign country where you don’t speak the language. 

You’ve also got a phone you can make good use of as well! Be sure to have the map downloaded to it, so you’re never having to turn your data roaming on and end up paying an extortionate amount for tracking your position. 

Having No Way to Contact Peoplevehicle cell signal booster by weBoost

Phones were an amazing invention, particularly for the traveling crowd when it comes to staying in touch, no matter where you are or what spot you find yourself in. Being able to fish a phone out of your pocket and make a call has made the world a much safer place. 

Not to mention just how much the digital age has boosted this factor. With plenty of apps out there for people planning road trips to make good use of, you could have every single gas station on your route mapped out, as well as live travel and weather updates, and even ask Siri to text your parents for you, to tell them where you are. And you’ll never have to take your eyes off the road to do any of this! 

However, even phones can let us down from time to time. We can move into an area that’s notoriously bad for signal and lose pretty much all forms of contact with the outside world. And that’s a scary thing to have to face – and yet, there are still ways around this! 

One such way is by using a vehicle cell signal booster by weBoost, which will allow you to keep a mobile signal unit in your car with you to ensure your phone can always make some connection to the world around you. So why not think about investing in some tech like this? 

You’ll Get Bored

Are you worried you’re going to get bored on your road trip? Maybe you’re someone with a bit of a small attention span, or maybe you’re easily distracted, or maybe you’re not a big fan of long car journeys. Yes, even these kinds of people will go on road trips!

No matter the reason for your boredom, it’s key to acknowledge that it might happen while you’re away and that that’s OK. It would help if you prepared for it – plus, the people you’re traveling with know what you’re like, so they won’t be disappointed or annoyed that you’ve pulled your phone out for a few minutes. 

You need to think ahead a little bit here. Pack some travel games in your suitcase, or download some fun, communal games on your phone that won’t be too distracting for the driver either. Make sure your favorite tunes are downloaded to your phone and that the car you’re traveling in is either Bluetooth enabled or can be plugged in with an aux cord. 

And even when the conversation dies down now and then, don’t panic! Take the time to recharge your social battery, and let the chat pick up again naturally. Most of all, don’t worry that people are getting bored with you – you’re all on a road trip together, which makes that impossible! 

You’ll End Up Hating Who You’re WithGoing On A Road Trip

And finally, if you’re off on a 3 to 4-week road trip with just one or two other people, you might worry about ending up hating who you’re traveling with. After all, you’ll be stuck together in a small vehicle most of the time and sleeping in the same hotel or hostel rooms the rest of the trip, and that can ruin even the strongest of friendships. 

It’s only natural to worry about something like this. Maybe you’ve got some bad habits, maybe your best friend does. You can overlook them when you’re only around each other for a few hours or a couple of days at a time, but when you’re together for a month? What are you going to start thinking about each other? 

Well, it’s key to remember that you can take breaks from each other when road tripping. You can put headphones on and listen to your own music and podcasts, and you can visit different sites. The other person might not be all that interested in it. Someone has to wait with the car, sit in the nearby cafe for a little while, and have their own peaceful time away from their travel partner. Doing so could very well save the great relationship you have! 

What to Remember

Going on a road trip can bring up a few worries, and it takes a lot of planning, yes. However, don’t let these bog you down! Road trips are for taking your friends and family on, and for singing out the window of your car, and snapping as many sites as you can as you go! 

So if you’re planning a road trip in the near future, be sure to keep the tips above in mind. It’s much better to know that things might go wrong ahead of time, or something might get in the way of how much you enjoy your trip, so make sure you’re prepared and that you’ve got plenty of ways to deal with obstacles in the road! 

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