How Many People Older Than 50 Years Own Apple Watches?

Written By Alla Levin
October 15, 2020
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How Many People Older Than 50 Years Own Apple Watches?

Life tends to change pace as you grow older. Furthermore, age brings with its advantages and disadvantages, and there are a lot of changes the elderly have to adjust to.

The most common problem that senior citizens complain of is the weakening of eyesight. For someone who’s in the prime of their health, this may not seem like much, but for the vulnerable, weakened eyesight can interrupt the most basic of tasks.

Thankfully, with the advancements of science in health and manufacturing, you can now easily bring a smile to the face of your loved ones with easy to read watches for the elderly.

What Are The Hallmarks Of An Easy To Read Watch?

It’s important to understand what factors make a watch suitable for seniors if you’re interested in buying one. Numerous features of a watch can make it easy to read, and the following are some of the most significant:

Large Type Size or Numbering

A watch for the elderly should have a large and clear number display so that it is easy to read. Any wrist-watch that claims to be senior-friendly but has small numbering is something you want to avoid, no matter how beautifully constructed the time-piece is.

Uncomplicated Display Design

A wrist-watch with a unique or intricate design may look very appealing, but if the display design is too busy, it can make telling time difficult for the elderly. Watched for seniors should have a simple design that doesn’t interfere with the number displays. It’s also to best to avoid watches with roman numerals for that very reason.

Aside from all that, a watch with a strong contrast between the background and numbers is another appropriate feature. The distinction in color can help make it easy to tell time for individuals with weak eyesight.

How Many People Older Than 50 Years Own Apple Watches: Ample Face And Dial Proportions

The proportions of the watch’s face will determine the size of its dial and numbers display. It stands to reason that a watch with a large face, dial, and numbers will be easier for the user to read, as opposed to a dainty wrist-watch with a small face size.

Glow in The Dark Numbers Or Backlight

It’s often the case that seniors prefer to wear a wrist-watch with a backlight or glow in the dark numbers to make sure they’re able to tell the time in low-light settings.

But, always make sure to check the intensity of the backlight, because some aren’t quite as strong. Additionally, button backlights may not be suitable for seniors, and that’s why you should look at touch-activated backlight watches.

Are Apple Watches Popular Among Senior Citizens?

Apple watches are so popular mostly because they function as more than just a wrist-watch. It tells you the time, date, your heart rate, and it can even tell you when the sun will set or when the moon will rise. But, the truth is, these features, exciting as they are, aren’t exactly tailor-made for the elderly population.

It stands to reason then that while Apple watches are somewhat popular with the 50 to 60-year-old age group, it isn’t quite as successful with the age groups beyond that. That is until Apple takes it upon itself to construct a time-telling device that makes telling time beyond easy for the elderly.

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