How to Weigh Your Cat?

Written By Alla Levin
October 15, 2020

How to Weigh Your Cat?

Weighing your cat will help you determine many things, such as your cat’s weight, health, etc. If you weigh your cat and you find out that your cat is overweight or perhaps it has diabetes, then it is a sign that you need to get cat food for diabetic cats.

If you weigh your cat and find out that they’re underweight, it shows you that they aren’t eating well or might be sick. Either way, weighing your cat is something every cat owner should do. Now that you want to weigh your cat, you’re probably wondering how you’ll do it. Keep on reading this article to figure out how to weigh your cat.

Obtain a scale used for weighing humans

You probably didn’t expect to see this and wonder how you will use a weight scale for weighing humans for your cat. How to use the weight scale to weigh your cat will be discussed further in the article. Before you weigh your cat, you will need to have a weight scale first. Get a scale that is accurate and works well so that it will display accurate information. Get a scale that can handle a lot of weight to handle what you are about to use it for.

Weigh yourself holding your cat

There are steps you will use to get your cat’s weight. Measure yourself on your scale and make sure that you get the accurate measurement. Measure yourself three to five times to make sure you have an accurate measurement.

Once you’ve got your measurement, measure yourself holding your cat. Before the day you plan to measure, you should make your cat used to standing still while you hold them. If your cat is constantly moving while you weigh them, the scale reading won’t be accurate, and it will waste a lot of time. So make sure your cat stays in one place, and try to measure yourself with them three to five times.

Subtract the two weights

Once you’re done weighing yourself with and without the cat, subtract the two measurements. The result you get after subtracting the two measurements you will do is your cat’s weight. It may sound bizarre, but it actually works and is very accurate.

To make sure the subtracted weight is very reliable, you’ll need to do every measurement multiple times. Double-checking every measurement you get will leave no room for mistakes and will show you your cat’s exact weight.

Measuring your cat’s weight will tell you many things about your cat’s health and lifestyle. When you find out your cat is severely underweight/overweight, you’ll be able to make adjustments. Many things can cause your cat to be underweight; things like the bad eating environment, food, etc.

You won’t know that your cat doesn’t like the cat feed you give them until you weigh them. The feed you give your cat might also be making them gain a lot of weight. Weigh your cat now so you can know how to improve their lifestyle.

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