What to Wear When Scuba Diving

Written By Alla Levin
October 15, 2020
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What to Wear when Scuba Diving

Scuba diving comes with lots of fun and adventure. But, like any other sport, you need to be in the right gear for safety and comfort. If you are looking into starting scuba diving, here are the essential things you need to wear.


This is the first thing you should add to your cart when shopping for your scuba diving expedition. A wetsuit provides better protection and allows you to dive into different environments. Most wetsuits are made from neoprene, a material that has tiny gas bubbles. The gas and the rubber material itself acquire heat from your body, providing thermal insulation.

Weight Belt

A weight belt comes as a typical nylon belt with lead weights on it. It fastens on your waist like other belts and is easy to find on the market. A good diving weight belt comes with a sturdy fabric and has pockets on it. These provide extra support when diving.

Weight welts come in handy when you do not need much weight when diving. If you are going to scuba dive in warm water or a regular wetsuit, a weighted belt should be all you need. But, if you intend to dive for a more extended period in deeper waters, you might need additional weight.

Dry Suitsdiving weight belt

These come in handy for cold water diving. A dry suit does not allow water to come in and keeps you dry all through. Unlike wetsuits that come in different styles, drysuits come as full bodysuits. They have unique waterproof zippers and neoprene seals to keep you as dry as possible underwater.


These do not provide as much isolation but protect you against sun or scratches. If you intend to go diving in tropical water, then a rashguard should be on top of your list.

Dive Boots

These are also part of your exposure protection set. Dive boots keep your feet warm when diving in cold waters and protect you against injury on rocky terrain underwater. There are various these on the market, and you get to choose the size, color, thickness, and overall style.

Wetsuit Gloves

It is essential to keep your hands warm underwater, especially if you will be using some equipment while diving. Scuba gloves and mittens are designed to help your hands stay warm but flexible enough to handle any tool you need. These gloves come in various thickness levels, so you can choose the most appropriate one to suit the water temperatures.

Wetsuit Hoods

A diving hood can help you stay comfortable by keeping you warm when diving in cold water. When diving in warm water, a hood can prevent your hair from getting tangled with seaweed. Like wetsuits, hoods come in different shapes, sizes, materials, and thickness levels. On this note, you can choose the most appropriate one based on your needs and preferences.


Before setting out on your scuba diving expedition, you should have these items with you. A wetsuit, dry suit, gloves, weight belt, rashguards, and dive boots are essentials in addition to the rest of diving gear.

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