What Are Some Common Low Voltage Supply And Controls?

Written By Alla Levin
October 16, 2020

What Are Some Common Low Voltage Supply And Controls?

Based on its unique needs, multiple sites and facilities, such as commercial and industrial complexes, rely on either low voltage or medium voltage service entrance equipment to control or cut-off power supply of their buildings from a single point.

Low voltage distribution equipment operates below 600 volts, as opposed to medium voltage equipment that requires anything between 600 to 38,000 volts for its operation. They are a simple electrical control mechanism that involves only three things – a switch, a source of power, and a load. They are low cost, safer, and much easier to install.

In this article, we will discuss the low voltage supply and controls to help you understand the system better.

Low Voltage Supply and Controls

Low voltage can mean different things in the world of electronics. However, a general rule of thumb is that anything below 600 volts is termed as low voltage. Factories or industrial units that operate on automation can use multiple voltages.

However, to understand its usage applications, it is necessary to divide the electrical use into supply and controls. Each division is responsible for carrying out a mission vital to the factory’s operation. They must both be working for the production to be carried out seamlessly.

With a broad range of low voltage supply and controls, a manufacturing unit can improve its efficiency, enhance safety, as well as reliability. At the same time, they will be able to manage power throughout the facility or operation.

Let us now discuss the supply and controls in detail.


Manufacturing units that need medium or high voltage supply from the electrical utility often require a dedicated substation. These substations help in controlling the voltage levels and in its effective distribution throughout the unit.

However, not all factories need high or medium voltages. Some even operate on a low voltage of 240, 480, or 600 Volts. In this case, the power is routed directly from the plant’s distribution system.


A system or machine that needs low voltage to power high voltage equipment is the basis of a control system. It is common to see Programmable Logic Controller in these systems. f you are looking for 12 Volt DC power supplies to buy, you can visit and explore Bravo Electro for their products.

The PLC is designed in such a way that it receives input from the sensors through the input/output section of the I/O. Outputs are determined and communicated through the output section of the I/O. Both inputs and outputs are no higher than 12 VDC, depending on the system design.

This output can be transmitted to a relay with the help of AC contacts and a DC coil. The contacts close when the relay receives a DC signal. As a result, the equipment or the component is energized until the trigger signal is disconnected from the I/O.

A wide range of low voltage power distribution equipment is readily available in the market today that can meet all kinds of requirements of specific homes, commercial establishments, and industrial facilities.

By educating yourself about the basic similarities and differences between switchboards, panel boards, and low voltage system options, consumers can make an informed choice about the right products and services available in the power supply and control categories.

It is recommended to work with only leading vendors and professionals who are innovative and knowledgeable about the wide array of product options available in the market. They are also capable of providing tailored guidance on how to meet the customer’s certain needs.

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