Sync the Exchange GAL to Smartphones 
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Reasons to Sync the Exchange GAL to Smartphones

Life gets more comfortable when we control those aspects that mainly affect how we conduct business. Our smartphones have become part of our business.  We try to push them to be as useful and to serve us better, installing apps to manage how we work and optimizing our smartphones for the best performance.

Business contacts are an important aspect of organizational operations. They require some effort to collect and organize, hence the need to have them safely preserved at all times. For more convenience, it would help to have these contacts synced with your smart devices.

While Microsoft’s Exchange allows you to organize your calendar, messaging and even email, it’s challenging synching with smartphones since you need a third party. This notwithstanding, there are several advantages you get from this synchronization. Here are some reasons.

Microsft Gave Users the Power to Sync: You Can Do it Your Way

Microsoft deliberately left this synchronization option out. It still doesn’t seem like the synchronization ability will be coming along anytime soon. There are several DIY techniques you can use to sync Exchange to smartphones when you are using an android device.

The good thing about it is that you get a chance to do it in a way that fits you best. This means you understand the system in and out, making it easier to retrieve or update contacts when there is a need.

Sync the Exchange GAL to Smartphones: Better Organization of Your DataBetter Organization of your data

Synchronization allows you to have your contact information organized in a system that saves you time and money. Using the available third-party synchronization options, you can categorize your data in a system that best suits your needs. This means you understand your system better than anyone else, and therefore you have better control of how it all works.

Safety and Backup

One of the major concerns that organizations and individuals have a big concern about is data safety. Synching your data with your smartphones further acts as a backup. How about the risk of losing a smartphone?

As you do your set up, ensure that this contact information is shared amongst a few devices within the organization. In doing this, you make several copies of the same data and reduce the risk of losing data.

This is safer and shared so that a few more people within the organization are aware of the system and how it works. Even at the risk of losing a smartphone, you have data adequately backed up and shared among a few individuals.

Portability  sync GAL to Android

Having your contacts everywhere you go is absolutely exciting, and this is enabled when you sync GAL to Android. It will be hectic if you have to refer back to your account a central system each time you need to retrieve a contact.

It denies you the power to do business anytime, anywhere. However, with GAL synched to smartphones, any time is business time, and you have more power to do business right in your hands.

It Saves Resources: Time and Money

Data is costly, and gathering business contacts is a demanding exercise that takes time to harness. With this in mind, you want any essential information for business success to work for you. When you have essential business contacts on your smartphones, it makes it easier to access and possibly start a conversation that adds value to your business.

Besides, the time employees might spend looking for essential contacts is saved, especially when they have this information saved on their smartphones. It’s estimated that a business loses $1 every minute an employee wastes time looking for a contact. Cumulatively, this is a considerably high amount of money in the long term.

You Know Who Calls

When Gal isn’t synchronized with smartphones, you can identify the caller unless you have traditionally saved the contact. This increases the chances of calls going unanswered or having challenges breaking the ice before getting into conversations.

On the contrary, it becomes easier to strike conversations with synced contacts because you easily identify the caller. This should be enough motivation to synch GAL to android devices as a way of prioritizing business-related calls.

Improves Data Hygiene

Data hygiene refers to how well-maintained, accurate, and organized or well-governed data in the IT sector. Whereas organizations make efforts to have centralized versions of data, ensuring that it contains accurate and essential information and the way you would like demands some effort.

This means that numbers that aren’t correct or are no longer in service should be corrected. When this information is synched, it becomes easy to fix it for everyone all at once from a central data point.

Save Your Employees The Manual ProcessSave Your Employees The Manual Process

If employees have to manually collect data from a spreadsheet to enter into their smartphones, it becomes a torturous affair and a waste of time. This task can be automated and save everybody the unwarranted trouble.

Enhances Accuracy

Simple mistakes may emerge from poorly maintained databases, especially when there is a lot of information to filter through. This can be avoided by synching GAL with android smartphones where each phone user customizes their device to make it best suitable for their use.

Sync the Exchange GAL to Smartphones: Conclusion

The needs of every organization differ significantly. However, contact management is the key to every organization.

Taking advantage of technologies that allow better management of business contacts is an essential part of the growth process. Whereas GAL is a good source of key business contacts, it’s not easy having it in the most usable format. Synching it with your smart devices hands you a lot of capabilities and may contribute immensely to your business’s growth.

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