Best Gadgets to Enhance Your Stargazing

Written By Moumita
October 16, 2020

Best Stargazing Gadgets to Enhance Your Stargazing

Outdoor hobbies have seen quite the boom lately, and stargazing is no exception. There’s nothing quite like looking up into the void of space and marveling about the wonders we already know of and those we have yet to discover.

If you live in the middle of the countryside, stargazing is as simple as sitting outside at night and watching the sky. In areas with more light pollution, though, it helps to have a few gadgets up your sleeve.

To take your hobby to the next level, read on for three stargazing gadgets that will bring you closer to outer space than ever before.

Invest in a Telescope

Most of us peeked through a dime-store spyglass or science-kit telescope as kids only to be disappointed that the furthest thing you could see was the moon. To get a clear view of more distant celestial objects, you’ll need something a lot more high-powered.

Even amateur home astronomers can watch the skies like the pros with Meade telescopes. Not only do they let you see constellations with unmatched clarity, some of them even capture digital images as well.

The best place to set your telescope is on a hard, flat surface like your backyard patio. This will improve its stability and make it easier to focus on distant objects. If you have a skylight or large upstairs window, you can also set up your telescope indoors.

Install an Astronomy AppMeade telescopes

Even the best telescopes on earth aren’t very useful if you don’t understand what you’re looking at. Never fear, though, because your personal guide to the skies already lives in your pocket.

Smartphone apps like Night Sky, Star Walk, and Stellarium work like mobile astronomers, helping you understand the stars and planets above. Hold them up to the sky and use their GPS tracking and augmented reality features to identify constellations in real-time. You may also learn some fun astronomy facts to share with friends along the way.

Create a Stargazing Room With a Projector

Staring into the galaxy is best done outdoors in a dark location, but what if your house is surrounded by lights or the sky clouds over? Don’t give up on your plans to “stargaze and chill” just yet. Instead, give indoor stargazing a try!

Make a cozy nest on the floor in your bedroom, living room, or basement—anywhere with adequate wall and ceiling space. Block out any external light from windows with blackout curtains, blankets, or heavy paper.

Next, set up a stargazing projector orb on a small table in the center of the room. Try to choose a planetarium version that’s as accurate to the real sky as possible. You’ll be able to lay back in comfort and point out your favorite constellations like Aquarius, Orion, and Ursa Major.

Take a Trip to Outer Space With These Stargazing Gadgets

With stargazing gadgets like these, even beginner astronomy enthusiasts can unlock the mysteries of space. Whether you take your fancy new telescope to a dark sky preserve or snuggle up under the glow of a personal planetarium, you’re sure to experience the stars in a whole new way.

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