Getting Closure After a Tough Relationship Split

Written By Alla Levin
October 18, 2020

Getting Closure After a Tough Relationship Split

Whether you’re splitting up with your partner or having a divorce, getting closure can be one of the most grueling and tough things you’ll face in life. Everyone will tell you that it’s important to move on, but it’s a lot easier said than done. To help ease the difficulty of a split, and overcoming retroactive jealousy here are some reliable ways to help you get closure.

Getting rid of your engagement and wedding ringsGetting rid of your engagement and wedding rings

While some people may want to keep their wedding and engagement rings after a mutual breakup, it’s understandable if you want to get rid of them because of all the bad memories they’re associated with. You may want to sell them at a retail store to get a proper valuation and offer instead of giving them to a pawn shop or trying to sell them online. While there are fewer questions asked at a pawn shop, you typically don’t get an excellent deal for it, and it’s important to get a proper valuation to see how much your rings are worth.

Ignore friends and family members who are always on your back

You’re always going to get friends and family members who will offer relationship tips and try to convince you to find a new partner or do something out of the ordinary. This is understandable since it’s their way of trying to help, but they can often do more harm than good. If that’s the case for you, then you may want to consider just ignoring them! Try to avoid their messages on your phone, keep yourself occupied so you’re less likely to meet with them and if things get terrible, ask them politely to stop offering you advice.

Focus on the people that are important in your lifeFocus on the people that are important in your life

Keeping your ex-partner out of your mind can be tricky. When you previously spent a lot of time thinking about them and considering them, you now need to move on and start thinking more about yourself. For some people, this is surprisingly challenging, but the key is to focus on people that are now more important in your life. This could be your friends, your children, or even your new partner if you’ve found someone already. Focus on the people that mean a lot in your life and try to move on from thoughts about your previous partner.

Tough Relationship Split: Realize you might never get a proper apology

If your ex-partner has done wrong, then you need to realize that you might never see an apology from them, let alone speak to them again. Some people may tell themselves that closure would be getting an apology, but trying to push for this by contacting your ex-partner can cause more problems than it would solve.

Many people fail to get closure, and it stays on their mind because they want their ex-partner to acknowledge the pain they’re going through. However, it may be best to get closure by moving on and acknowledging that you’ve gone your separate ways and are unlikely to see each other again.

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