4 Ways To Get Kids Excited About Writing Their Own Stories

Written By Alla Levin
October 30, 2020

Ways To Get Kids Excited About Writing Their Own Stories

Creative writing is so beneficial for kids because it improves their literacy skills and develops their creative thinking at the same time.

Creativity isn’t just about writing stories or making music; it also improves problem-solving skills, essential in later life. Unfortunately, it can be tough to get kids to engage with creative writing, especially if they struggle. If you want to encourage your kids to do more creative writing, these are some of the best ways to do it. 

Ways To Get Kids Excited: Use Prompts 

Often, kids don’t engage with creative writing because they get stuck for ideas. If you give them a blank page and tell them to write a story, that’s quite daunting, and most kids will draw a blank. Giving them a jumping-off point is the best way to get the ball rolling, and their creativity will take it from there.

You can find some great creative writing prompts online or make up your own. They don’t need to be anything too complex; give them a subject or a character to start with and see what they come up with. 

Publish Their Stories

If kids see their print stories, it will get them a lot more excited about creative writing. That doesn’t mean that you should be looking for a publishing deal or anything like that, but there are some great sites online where you can publish your own books using your child’s stories.

Follow the link to learn more about how you can create your very own storybook. Bringing it to life with pictures and colors is a brilliant way to get your children to engage with creative writing, and it’s a great keepsake for the family to have as well. 

Play Video Games 

You may be wondering what video games have to do with creative writing, but there’s a lot of creative storytelling in video games when you think about it. Playing games with your kids will help them develop new ideas, but most importantly, they are in control.

Unlike watching a movie or reading a book, video games put you in the character’s shoes, and it’s up to you to decide what they do, so it helps to develop those creative thinking skills that are so important when writing stories. 

Read To Them Regularly

The most important thing you can do if you want your kids to engage with creative writing is to read to them regularly. Reading helps them to develop their vocabulary and learn how stories are put together. It will also give them a lot of inspiration for their own stories.

If you want them to benefit, you should start reading to your child from a young age. As they become more confident, have them start reading on their own and read out loud to you. Reading their own stories aloud is also a good way to help them work out improving their writing.

Try these simple tips, and your kids will be creating their own amazing stories in no time. 

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