Tips on Buying Video Games for Your Kids

Written By Alla Levin
May 21, 2019

How to Buy Video Games for Kids

Several games help us bond as families. Video games are just one of the many. However, there has been a growing debate on whether parents should buy their children video games. Many people argue that allowing your kids to play video games frequently will deter them from gaining academic prowess. On the contrary, video games strengthen our cognitive functioning.

They strengthen our memory capacity and reasoning skills. This is because video games are like puzzles. There’s always a mystery to solve and to do so, requires thinking deeply and coming up with beneficial solutions.

You, however, need to look at the kind of video games your kids indulge in. Make sure that the games don’t contain violence or other negative creativity. If you have kids between ages 6-11, be the one responsible for choosing the kind of video games they can play. Set restrictions and playtime schedules. You don’t want your child playing video games on a school night.

Here are questions that will help you in deciding whether to buy your kid a video game or not.

Video Games for Kids: How old is your child?

Age matters, parents. Don’t subject your kid to the horror of mastering the complexities of video games, especially at ages 5 to 7. This is the prime age for addictive behavior. They will always be throwing tantrums when it’s time to stop playing.

Is your kid the video game type?

will be releasing new toys and games based on Fortnite

Gaming toys are usually quite expensive. Before buying one, you must be sure that your child will be excited about it and will actually want to use the video game.

Some children might actually prefer using tablets or phones for games. Some may also not understand the complexities of using a gaming pad.

Which gaming gadget should you buy?

There are several types of gaming gadgets. You have probably heard of Xbox One, Play Station 4, Mac, and PC. Finding a gaming toy that has an educational or constructive nature is the most advisable. You might want to consider Hasbro and Epic gaming companies which are quite productive. The companies will be releasing new toys and games based on Fortnite.

What will be the scheduled playtime?

consider board games

Here, you need to talk with your kid and come up with time restrictions for playing. Involving the kid will make them more compliant. Video games, like any other games, can be addictive. Limit their frequent exposure.

Playing outdoors can also help them gain other meaningful cognitive behavior.

Lastly, find time to play with your kids. Playing together as a family is a good way of maximizing family bond times. You might also want to consider board games as these are more involving and fun to play as a whole family.

Remember, it’s your duty as a parent to control how kid grows and what they can be exposed to. The stereotypical beliefs about video games have been researched and tested such that you need not worry about allowing your kid to play.

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