What Does 5G Mean? A Short Helpful Guide

Written By Alla Levin
November 09, 2020

What Does 5G Stand For? What Does 5G Mean? A Short Helpful Guide

What does 5g stand for? In the past year we have heard the word “5G” at least a billion times, but what does 5G mean? Most people know it has something to do with their smartphones, but missing out on all its advantages may be a mistake.

From conspiracy theories to miraculous solutions for many present issues, 5G has arrived to stay and change everyone’s lives. Let’s unveil this new technology!

What Does 5g Stand For

Before 5G, we had 3G and 4G. They are all different mobile internet connection generations, and each one significantly improved compared with their predecessors. In terms of mobile communications, a generation essentially is a change in the most basic nature of the service, mostly related to a higher capacity, faster speed, and wider channel frequencies.

This generational change, as its name suggests, happens almost every 10 years since 1981 when 1G’s was developed.

Now talking specifically about 5G, it’s the newest generation of mobile communication and has a greater use of the radio spectrum, allowing more devices to access the mobile internet connection at the same time.

How Does 5G Work?

Now that you know what does 5Ge means, it’s important to understand how does it work so its benefits are more evident. 5G’s cellular networks are divided into small areas that we are going to call “cells”. All the devices with 5G enabled in a cell will get internet connection and telephone network through radio waves.

So far, nothing different. But comparing it with 4G, this time they do not need large high-powered cell towers that radiate signals over long distances. 5G wireless signals can and will be transmitted through a thousand small cell stations placed at light poles, building roofs, and more. Hence the bigger radio spectrum we mentioned at the beginning.

Benefits of 5G

Essentially speaking 5G’s main advantage is its speed. And you may be wondering: “My internet’s speed is just fine, how this benefits me exactly?”, the answer is very simple.

Look around you right now, notice how many electronic devices are around you? How many of them are connected to the internet? And if your phone is connected too, do you notice it as fast as usual or a bit slower?

4G connections are great, but technology is advancing so fast that it is impossible to settle down for nothing slower than 5G at the moment.

Think about GPS devices, online games, streaming services, video meetings, virtual reality, drones, real money casino games, entire industries depending on a high-speed internet connection that will dramatically improve thanks to 5G.

Just think for a moment how advanced your city can be with so many 5G antennas, it’s not only about making vehicles more connected to prevent accidents, but a faster emergency deployment, better surveillance mechanisms to fight crime more effectively, easier external consultations at hospitals, and more.

5G Will Change Our Entire Worldwhat does 5g stand for

We are not exaggerating when we tell you that the internet is the second-best thing that happened to the world after penicillin. And 5G is going to prove it even more.

Besides allowing you to download a full-length 4K movie to your phones in less than 10 seconds, you can do so in an area that’s full of people because there will be so many 5G cells around that nobody will lack connection or will suffer the inconveniences of slow download speed.

5G it’s going to change the way we watch TV, go to the doctor, shop, online casinos, work from the cloud, and pretty much anything that involves data consumption.

This is a huge deal for scientists around the world, did you ever imagine surgeries could be performed if the surgeon is in a different continent? With 5G it will be possible.

How to Get 5G?

If you have read this far, your curiosity went from “What does 5G mean?” to “How do I get?!”, and even though 5G cells deployment began in 2019, there’s still a long way to go. Currently, the only way to find a 5G signal is through a 5G cell phone. There are more than 50 different devices, but the most popular phones with 5G are:

iPhone 12

– iPhone 12 Mini

– iPhone 12 Pro

– iPhone 12 Pro Max

– Pixel 4a 5G

– Pixel 5

– HTC U20 5G

– HTC Desire 20 Pro

– Huawei P40 Pro

– Huawei P40 Pro Plus

– Moto Z4

– Motorola Razr (2020)

– Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

– Samsung Galaxy Fold

Does this mean that if you have a 4G phone you should buy a new one? Probably yes, but you don’t need to do that right away because many areas in the world still need to implement 5G.

If you wish to try it right away, just remember that since it’s not fully implemented yet, you may not enjoy all of its benefits unless you are close to a 5G cell.

But of course, not everything that glitters is gold, and 5G supposes a challenge for communities that don’t belong to the city, mostly because implementation will be slower, and current internet speed is not optimum at all in the countryside.

So as consumers, we should welcome this technology, but also, since it’s going to change everyone’s life forever, we should demand equal access to it and know what does 5g stand for.

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