4 Things You Should Do Immediately if Your Phone Has a Cracked Screen

Written By Alla Levin
May 03, 2019

Things To Do Immediately if Your Phone Has a Cracked Screen

Nearly 6,000 phone screens get cracked or broken every hour. That means that every year, people crack a total of 50 million phones. It’s okay, and it happens to everybody. But, a cracked phone screen doesn’t necessarily mean you have to replace your phone.

In fact, it might not cost you anything at all. If you’re one of the millions of people all around the world who are dealing with a cracked screen, then you’ll want to do these five things immediately.

For a professional and swift solution to your cracked phone screen, consider reaching out to experts in gadget repair at fruitfixed.com, who can assess the damage and provide you with the best course of action to get your device back in pristine condition.

Check Your Phone’s Insurance

Does insurance cover a cracked screen? It depends on the manufacturer or your phone carrier. For example, with Apple Care coverage, you are eligible to get your phone screen replaced for a flat fee of $29. Samsung has recently started selling a Galaxy S9 insurance plan that is similar to Apple Care. The point is that it’s always a good idea to check if your phone’s covered before shelling out unnecessary cash!

Don’t Take Anything Off

If you have a screen protector on your phone, leave it on. Pulling it off is a risk. You might further damage your screen or cause it to break even more. Instead, leave everything, even the case, on your phone. Sometimes, it’s just your glass screen protector that has cracked and not your actual phone! Check to see if the color of the screen looks affected. This is easiest to gauge by looking at photos or text.

Protect Your FingersTo Do Immediately if Your Phone Has a Cracked Screen

If you’re thinking, “I cracked my screen, now I can’t use my phone!” then you’ll love to know that that’s not totally true. If the crack isn’t deep or large enough to really affect the visibility of your phone’s screen, you can use it. However, you’ll want to protect your fingers. Apply packing tape on the damaged areas to avoid getting cut by any small pieces of glass. This will also help your phone’s screen stay together and prevent further cellphone damage.

Get Your Screen Repaired

Smartphone screen repair is widespread nowadays, which means that there’s probably a repair shop in every corner of your town. Browse around for the best prices before committing. Screen repair for your phone shouldn’t cost more than $200.

Entrusting your phone with a qualified professional, like the team at iGeek Tech Repair in Sacramento will also ensure that you get quality results. DIY phone screen repairs are okay if you have no other option, but it’s better to go with a certified phone technician who knows all about cell phone cracked screens.

Don’t Freak Out About a Cracked Screen

The biggest tip is to remain calm! Everybody has felt the feeling of their heart racing when they drop their phone face down on the ground and reach down to pick it up.

If you pick yours up see that you have a cracked screen, try not to freak out. Instead, follow the tips above and try to mitigate the damage as best as you can. In the meantime, you can enjoy reading about these iPhone tips and tricks. They work whether you’ve got a new screen or not!

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