How To Make Better Use Of Your Workforce

Written By Alla Levin
November 12, 2020
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Business Productivity: How To Make Better Use Of Your Workforce

Productivity is key to the success of any business. Some business owners find that they are constantly hiring and expanding departments but seeing no impact on their sales. If your profits are stagnating, but your workforce is increasing, this will quickly affect your bottom line and, ultimately, your business’ viability.

Therefore you must evaluate your workforce performance and maximize productivity wherever possible. Here are a few ways that can see rapid transformations in your business productivity. 

Get Them Away From The Phone Lines

If you have a customer support team that is constantly answering phone calls about the same frequently asked questions, then you are not maximizing their time.

Installing Click4Assistance Live Chat Software can avoid customers sitting on hold waiting for their query to be answered, increasing satisfaction rate. Your agents can resolve issues more quickly and even deal with more than one question at a time. Technology is advancing, which can be utilized to ensure that your customers are still getting the service they require less strain on your workforce. 

Business Productivity: Avoid The Lengthy Meetings

According to Harvard Business Review, executives are spending more and more time in meetings, with many spending on average 23 hours a week within meetings, which is a huge proportion of the working week. While discussions can be crucial for communicating across departments and ensuring cohesive strategies, if they are taking away time in which any of the sessions’ outcomes can be put into action, they are rendered useless.

Try to ensure meetings are always chaired by someone who will keep the conversation focused. The agenda is strictly time-limited. Ask employees to estimate the time needed on any action points and ensure they protect that time between meetings, so that progress can always be made and discussions are not going over the same points time and again. 

Outsource Whatever Diverts Attention

If you notice that the old printer in the corner is taking up more of your workforce’s time than the projects they need to be printing, then it is time to consider outsourcing. Remember, each of your employees is salaried, and therefore their time is an investment for your organization.

If you employed someone for their public relations expertise, then you want that to be their focus, not making sure the carpets are hoovered at the end of the week. Outsourcing doesn’t mean chaining people to their desks or allowing them small moments to divert attention. But what it does mean is taking away major frustrations that do not let your workforce fulfill their potential. Leave the toner cartridges and cleaning routines to experts, and it will allow your experts to flourish with their tasks. 

Finally, remember your workforce has joined a business that they want to succeed. Don’t be afraid to communicate your productivity concerns with your colleagues. Find out what is diverting their attention. Listen to their solutions; they may be innovative and greatly impact your whole business strategy. 

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