How To Calm Traffic In Your Area

Written By Alla Levin
November 12, 2020

How To Calm Traffic In Your Area

Cars are a great way to get from A-to-B, or even from A-to-K or further. Without cars, our modern lives would be a challenge. If, however, you live in a quiet area that has traffic problems, then you may really come to hate cars. 

But what can you do about the cars that cause you such headaches? In this article, we’ll look at some of the things you can do to calm your area’s traffic. 

What Type Of Traffic Problems Are There?

There are several different problems that you may encounter with traffic in your area. First of all, the most dangerous problem is speeding. If people are driving too fast in a built-up area, it could end up with someone getting knocked down. The faster the driver is going, the more chance this will lead to a fatality. 

Secondly, it is heavy congestion. It may be that people are cutting through your area as a short cut or to avoid heavy traffic elsewhere. However, this can lead to congestion, particularly if your street wasn’t designed to take such heavy traffic. 

Finally, there may be insufficient signage in the area. There may not be stop or give way signs, and this could lead to accidents. 

How To Deal With Speeding Cameras In Your Area

If you have a problem with speeding in your area, the first place you should go is your local council or local government. They should have a highways department who should be able to deal with this. You may need to go through a petition phase to get the work carried out. 

Councils and local government could put in traffic calming measures such as speed bumps, speed cameras, and signs that show your speed. All of these things can be very effective, 

If you live in a private residential area, you could get together with other residents and look at having radar speed signs from Traffic Logix fitted on the street. 

How To Calm Traffic: How To Deal With Congestion In Your AreaHow To Calm Traffic

In the first instance, you should monitor the traffic jams that are forming. Are there any times of the day that they seem to be more prominent? Is there anywhere in particular that people appear to be driving to? There may be a particular business that is attracting the majority of the traffic. If you know where they are going, make a note of it. 

Once you have gathered up information, speak with your local council or local government offices. They may be able to put measures in place that deter drivers from entering your street or area to use it as a thoroughfare. This can often be done with signage and speed bumps to help reduce the amount of traffic there is. 

Similarly, if there is a lack of stop or give way signs in the area, then you should gather evidence that it is a problem and take it to your local authorities so that they can deal with it. 

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