Choosing the Right Shuffleboard Table

Written By Alla Levin
December 07, 2020

Choosing the Right Shuffleboard Table

Shuffleboard is a fun game to play. It’s exciting to compete with family and friends. But buying shuffleboard is not as straight forward as one would think. There are many things to consider when you decide to buy a table for your home. We will talk about all the ins and outs of purchasing a shuffleboard table.

Things to Consider When Buying A Shuffleboard Table


You will want to consider the size of the shuffleboard table that you want to buy. Shuffleboard tables come in many different sizes. It would help if you were sure of the size that you want to get. It would be best if you researched tables to make sure a particular table you admire comes in the dimensions you require. It would help if you did this before you begin your shopping.

Shuffleboard tables come in sizes nine feet to twenty-two feet. You also must keep in mind that you need a two to three-foot clearance on all sides of the table. That is a big difference, and it will depend on the amount of room you have in your home.

Playing Size And Thickness

Traditionally shuffleboard tables are three inches thick. This thickness will give you excellent stability and strength. It will also provide you with room to have it sanded and refinished if the need arises. Many get made with soft maple wood, which is a good thing when caring for your shuffleboard.

Surface MaterialsChoosing the Right Shuffleboard Table

Having shuffleboard made up of durable materials is even more important than just having a shiny and smooth surface. Shuffleboard tables are prone to damage from pucks getting dropped and high impact play.

You can go more economical and get soft maple, but you must make sure you get a durable polymer for the surface. Woods used for shuffleboard tables are poplar, North American maple, white maple, Russian Birch, and Canadian Soft Maple. But the very best quality woods are maple, birch, oak, and mahogany.

The Cut Of The Playing Surface

The playing surface cut on the very best tables is twenty inches wide and three inches thick. The thickness is vital for the table to get refinished as many times as needed. Manufacturers reduce the width to save money, but this is not a good thing.

The finish On The table

One of the most important and most essential aspects of the shuffleboard table is its finish. Polymer finishes are the best over lacquers and shellacs. Polymers are so tough and durable that they can handle pucks getting dropped hard on the table.

Outer Cabinet Structure

Tables that are the best get made with solid hardwood. Cheaper tables get made with particle board, which is flimsy and weak. They won’t stand up to regular use and will not last you very long. You will end up having to replace it again, so it makes much more sense to buy a good quality table from the start.

Scoring System

There are two types of scoring systems on shuffleboard tables. The most common is the three-level grid system, and you will find this on most shuffleboards. A triangular grid system is the other option, and it is much less common, and you won’t find it on many tables.

Shuffleboard Table: Conclusion

Buying a new shuffleboard table is not hard if you follow these guidelines. You can find a quality table that can suit your needs, and there are many to choose from. Choose quality and well-made board with quality materials so that you will have it for years to come. A really well made shuffleboard table can last decades if it is well taken care of and gets created from the best materials.

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