Top Best Places to Buy Second-hand Watches

Written By Alla Levin
December 11, 2020
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Top Best Places to Buy Second-hand Watches

Luxury watches are an excellent complement to any kind of fashion style you want. Aside from that, it is also a good source of investment. However, luxury watches are undeniably expensive.

Like modding your own watch that fits your style, buying pre-owned luxury watches online is one way to save money. However, buying online requires a lot of trusts. You may have fears about being scammed with your online transactions.

So before buying second-hand watches online, you have to find the best place that you can trust. It isn’t easy to find your authorized watch retailer or shop. But worry less because here are the top 10 best places where you can buy second-hand watches.

Crown & Caliber

Crown & Caliber is an online website that offers fair prices for pre-owned luxury watches. Customers will feel assured of safe transactions.  They have forty (40) watch brands that include Rolex, Omega, Panerai, and many more. Aside from that, they also work with other trusted retailers. They help widen the selection of their second-hand luxury watches.

Buy Second-hand Watches: Chrono 24

Chrono 24 is a top-platform for buying and selling used luxury watches around the globe. They help find the best luxury watches for watch lovers. Customers can be secured with their transaction since it has high performance-ratings.

They have more than 475, 000 watches that enthusiasts can choose from. They also have employees from twenty-one (21) countries. In turn, they offer watches in multiple countries all over the globe.

Sotheby’sBuy Second-hand Watches

Sotheby’s is an international auction house that displays world-class works of art. They have a global network of eighty (80) offices in forty (40) countries. They authorize visitors to view all their auctions live online. Viewers can also place their bids from anywhere across the globe. They provide the most exclusive options to their customers.


Watchfinder & Co. is an established source of buy and sells premium pre-owned watches. They have a thousand watches from more than fifty (50) brands like Rolex, Omega, Cartier, and more. They have outstanding customer service.  Aside from that, they have services from international locations. Watch enthusiasts won’t have problems reaching out to them.


Tourneau has 100 years of expertise with luxurious pre-owned watches. They are considered the largest authorized watch retailer in the United States. And because of that, they have stores nationwide.

They offer a countless selection of watches of over 8,000 styles from 100 brands. Aside from that, they display certified second-hand watch collections. Tourneau, indeed, possesses an excellent reputation when it comes to pre-owned watches.

Radcliffe Jewelers

Radcliffe Jewelers is considered one of the prime watch retailers. It caters to customers who are looking for high quality, luxurious pre-owned watches. They have hundreds of different styles to offer.

They also buy and sell online and accept payments through PayPal. Aside from that, they also carry other primary forms of payments. Through their website, the buying process for watch lovers is easy and convenient.


Christie’s is a British auction house that offers around 350 auctions every year, including fine and decorative arts, luxury jewelry and watches, wine, and many more. It has a global presence in forty-six (46) countries.  If you love collecting authentic second-hand watches, it is the best place for you. It is well-known for the most unique, accurate, and pre-owned watches around the globe.

Watches of Switzerland

Watches of Switzerland has been operating for over fifty (50) years now. They have fifteen (15) showrooms in the UK.  They offer the latest collections of pre-owned watches.

Also, they have vintage watches from the finest and popular Swiss brands around the world. Some of the brands they offer are TAG Heuer, Omega, Breitling, Rolex, and many more. They do not only sell from their stores, but they also cater to customers online.


WatchBox is one of the great platforms for buying and selling luxurious second-hand watches. Their largest trading centers are in the United States and Hongkong.

They ensure clients receive the best value for their luxury pre-owned watches. Aside from that, they also allow pre-owned watch trade-ins. They make sure that they are selling authenticated watches to assure their clients that they get the best quality. Some of the popular watches on WatchBox are Audemars Piguet, Panerai, Rolex, Cartier, and more.

Bob’s Watches

Bob’s Watches is the world’s first pre-owned and vintage Rolex watch exchange. Clients secured that the timepieces they get from Bob’s are of the best quality and a fair price.

They show their price for both buying and selling, so buyers can see that the price margin is reliable. They are also partnered with groups of authentication and watch experts. When you buy pre-owned watches, they provide a warranty from the manufacturer and Bob’s Watches.

Buy Second-hand Watches: eBay

eBay is one of the prestigious and known online marketplaces. They handle business to customer and customer to customer sales. They also include a collection of luxury items such as watches and prestigious watch parts such as Seiko bezel inserts.

When it comes to buying and selling luxury used watches, they offer a large selection in the market. But before sellers could sell their used wristwatches, they need to send their items to eBay’s expert team. The experts authenticate the objects before listed for sale. One good thing about buying and selling on eBay is that they offer items at a low price. And you are safe and secured with your transactions with them.

Buying or selling pre-owned watches is a money-wise choice for watch enthusiasts. But here are two (2) additional stores where you can purchase luxury timepieces, whether you are on a tight budget or not.


Nordstrom is not only a department store for clothes and shoes, but they also have a wide array of watches. You will find designer watches from Gucci, Versace, Salvatore Ferragamo, and many more.

If you are a luxury watch enthusiast who is on a tight budget, Nordstrom is the best place for you. They offer pre-owned watches for a wide range of budgets. But if you are looking for stylish, well-made watches, you can try them from brands like MVMT, Michael Kors, and Timex.

Buy Second-hand Watches: Saks Fifth Avenue

If you prefer to get a brand new luxury timepiece, you can choose from Saks Fifth Avenue. It is a high-end department store that offers prime watches that you might not find in other department stores.

They have brands like Piaget, Montblanc, Franck Muller, and Vacheron Constantine. In cases of issues, they will give you 30 days to return your purchases and allow you to refund in full.

Whether you are a watch enthusiast or buy watches for investment, these places are a great help for your watch ventures. All you have to do is to find the best one that will complement your needs and budget and buy Second-hand Watches.

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