How Businesses Benefit From Corporate Housing Camps

Written By Alla Levin
January 01, 2021
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How Businesses Benefit From Corporate Housing Camps

Businesses are responsible for prioritizing the health and wellbeing of their employees, legally and morally. Naturally, a business must improve its employer’s brand and reputation to attract and acquire talented professionals. Businesses that require their employees to relocate to other states or work remotely have much to gain from corporate housing.

Comfortable housing is directly associated with enhanced productivity because a restful night’s sleep is crucial to perform efficiently. Corporate housing comes in all shapes and sizes. It includes fully furnished apartments, houses, and short-term rentals that offer housekeeping services. Oil and energy-based firms benefit the most as they require their employees and workers to operate remotely and challenging terrains.

It serves as a short-term residence that is much more affordable than hotels and boarding houses. It helps businesses reduce their expenses and ensure comfort and safety while relocating employees to remote areas.

Keep reading to discover the benefits your business can enjoy with corporate housing camps.

Reduces Expensesoil field housing

Relocating employees or workers to remote areas is a costly enterprise. A business has two choices: seek out available accommodations or invest in its portable housing units. Both these options come with financially burdensome expenses. Corporate housing solutions present businesses with a cost-efficient alternative.

It is much more budget-friendlier as compared to hotels, hostels, and boarding rooms. It offers a viable solution, regardless of whether your employees require accommodation for a month or six months. It allows businesses to reduce the expenses associated with housing, food, and security. It comes with various amenities and utilities.

For instance, energy firms prioritize oil field housing to set up comfortable accommodation for their workers in remote locations. They do not have to spend on food, security, and housekeeping, and hotels in remote areas are costly. Corporate housing allows businesses to cut costs without compromising the comfort and safety of their employees.

Corporate Housing Camps: A Spacious Expanse

Corporate housing solutions offer a spacious expanse so each worker can enjoy comfort and safety. Unlike hotels, businesses do not have to cramp up multiple workers in one room. It can grow extremely uncomfortable and dissatisfactory when workers come together in one room for longer periods. Such discomfort will negatively impact their productivity, morale, and on-the-job efficiency.

Hotels and boarding rooms are expensive; therefore, businesses cannot take up sufficient space to ensure comfort. But corporate housing solutions and short-term rentals offer ample space as tailored and customized to address specific requirements. Workers can enjoy having more space to set up their belongings and truly feel at home.

Modern Amenities and FacilitiesModern Amenities

Building a home away from home is no easy feat, but modern appliances make a world of difference. You see, modern amenities and facilities enhance our life quality, making it easier to relocate to a remote location. After a hard day of labor, employees wish to come home to a hot plate of food and an hour of television.

Corporate housing offers various amenities that make life easier and even enjoyable. For instance, these fully-furnished short-term rentals offer televisions, microwaves, refrigerators, high-speed internet, toiletries and bedding, and much more. Some even provide washing machines, dryers, fully-functional kitchens, and other appliances.

These appliances and amenities allow workers to feel truly relaxed and at home. They can use various appliances in the kitchen and save money by cooking their meals. Many corporate housing solutions offer a mess that prepares three meals a day and offers a transport service to facilitate commuting. Most rentals come with housekeeping and maid services to clean the accommodations and ensure a home-like environment.

The ambiance and facilities are much better and refined than in hotels and hostels. Workers are not troubled by pests and insects’ thoughts lingering around and crawling over them, as with sleazy hotels. They can huddle in the common room to watch television and have dinner in the large dining facilities.

Proximity  To Work Locations

Corporate housing comes in the form of short-term rental facilities and portable structures for remote locations. Either way, they ensure proximity to the work location, so employees don’t have to spend much time commuting. Naturally, this helps a business reduce commuting costs and guarantee timeliness.

Workers can arrive timely and begin each workday smoothly and without delay. Long commutes are expensive, but more importantly, they are exhaustive and can compromise energy levels.

More PrivacyCorporate Housing Camps

Privacy is a basic human need, and work accommodations that compromise privacy are bound to decrease morale and motivation. When employees live in one room or cramped apartments, they are likely to feel uncomfortable and agitated. This discomfort is bound to reflect their work in terms of reduced productivity or reduced desire to work.

Hotels and hostels cannot offer privacy like corporate housing as it sets out different units to accommodate each employee. There are plenty of bedrooms and multiple apartments, so all workers and senior managers can enjoy comfort and privacy.

Corporate Housing Camps: Conclusion

Corporate housing offers various benefits that make it a superior and more affordable solution than hostels, hotels, and boarding houses. They are amazingly beneficial for firms working in remote locations, such as coal mines or oil fields. These solutions are custom-made to a business’s needs and employees; businesses can prioritize their employees’ comfort and needs without overspending or carving a big dent in their profits.

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