Why Is the Water Heater not Heating Up

Written By Alla Levin
January 07, 2021

Why Is the Water Heater not Heating Up: Tips for Troubleshooting 

Why is the water heater not heating up? If you decide to install a water heater in your apartments, you will need to be aware of the possible problems you might face. It often happens that a person has to do troubleshooting to identify the reason for too hot or too cold water. The best option is finding a contractor with a pro who will come and fix everything. Nevertheless, you should know the basic steps to follow before you finish finding a contractor.

How Long Does It Take for a Water to Heat Up?

Sometimes people are not patient. They call service consultants and complain of too cold water after the installation of a water heater. As a rule, they just do not wait enough time until it heats up. How long does it take a water heater to heat up? Everything depends on the temperature regime. The higher it is the less you wait. An average boiler needs up to 30-60 minutes to do its job. If the temperature regime is too low, you might never get hot water. 

You should pay attention to settings and read the manual instruction. There you can find information about temperature adjustment depending on the volume of water. Hard water provokes the accumulation of scale that slows down the heating. Consequently, one requires finding a contractor for its scaling. To do that, one has to drain the tank of all water. Experts warn that too hot liquid needs much time to cool down. So, it is necessary to be careful or consider finding a contractor. 

Another thing to regard is the installation procedure. Nonprofessionals can confuse details and attach the water supply incorrectly. Each tank demands a concrete level of water. It is important to measure the water pressure to guarantee the successful filling of the tank. If you feel confused about the task, finding a contractor will allow you to have a proper temperature and no worries about dangers caused by improper installation. How long does it take for a 50-gallon best tankless water heater to heat up? Read the manual to your model and consider your shower time. The more water you use, the more time your heater will need to recover.

Finding a Contractor to Make Sure It Is not BrokenWhy Is the Water Heater not Heating Up

Finding a contractor is the best variant for such a problem. Professionals know how to find a solution quickly and safely. When a person wants to do that alone, it will be necessary to regard safety hazards. Concerning electric water heaters, a person has to do the following things.

  1. Unplug a boiler and turn off the power in the electric breaker box. 
  2. Have a look at its pipes and connectors.
  3. Finding a contractor is the only option to reveal corrosion or malfunctioning inside the heater.
  4. Check whether the problem concerns all parts of the house or not.
  5. Solve the problem independently, or professionals recommend finding a contractor to do that quicker.

The next step is to know what to do. A heater has a couple of pipes inside and outside. It is not difficult to notice leakage that occurs in outer pipes and connections. A person could see a wet wall or floor in the installation area. Unfortunately, the anode and dip tube can break. People often try to disassemble electric and gas devices independently. As a result, they worsen the situation. Finding a contractor guarantees a positive outcome. He or she removes access covers, tests the elements to see if they are open or grounded, tests upper and lower thermostat or gas control elements (burner, valve, thermocouple) to know if they function right. An expert might say the next thing. 

  • The corroded tank is to be replaced. 
  • Broken elements are to be fixed.
  • Loosenesses are to be tightened.
  • Settings are to fit the tank’s peculiarities.
  • It is necessary to flush and descale the water heater.

Of course, you can watch YouTube videos and try to do everything alone. Remember that your warranty expires in this case, and you can break more things because of the knowledge gap and lack of required tools and skills. Finding a contractor to avoid additional malfunctioning is often the best variant.

Why Is the Water Heater not Heating Up: Finding a Contractor to Check Gas, Water, and Electric TroublesFinding a Contractor

There can be one more trouble that has nothing to do with the tool. A person might have blackouts, low water pressure, or no gas at home. First of all, remember what type of heating you use. Then, check if you have gas or electricity at home. In case the problem is the heating source, call a service. 

If it is hard to define the gas problem, finding a contractor will come to your rescue. Professionals know everything about gas and electric boilers. So, it is easy for them to troubleshoot. Besides, only experts are aware of the required pressure in pipes and tubes, and other peculiarities.

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