Building Confidence as a Project Manager

Written By Alla Levin
January 13, 2021

Building Confidence as a Project Manager

There are several personal traits that a project manager should display, and self-confidence is just one of them. It is essential, and something that you will learn in any project manager course, that a project manager acts positively during the project. No matter how many obstacles the project comes up against, being confident will help your team be confident that the project will reach a positive conclusion, even when it seems like that is impossible.

However, self-confidence doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so if you need to build your confidence, read on.

Focus on the positive aspects of your project

Within any project that you undertake, there will be many positive and negative prospects. The negatives might include the different constraints, challenges, and risks that can suddenly pop up in any project and require you to reconsider your project plan.

The positives are the things you learn and anything that makes your project successful. Focus on what you are doing well and get you towards your goal; use this to help you work on the negatives instead of letting them doubt your confidence. With proper PMP training, professionals gain the expertise required to lead projects effectively and increase their employment opportunities in various industries.

Building confidence: understand your skills and knowledgeBuilding Confidence

Being able to implement your project plan requires you to use your project management skills and knowledge. If you have the right skill set and know enough about project management, then you shouldn’t doubt your abilities. As the project manager, you do not lose confidence in your skills, or you will be letting yourself and your team down.

Goals – think small

One of the easiest ways to boost confidence is by attaining your goals, so if you make them small, you will attain them, which will help boost your confidence. If you do this, then step by step, you will work towards a much bigger goal. It is these little successes that can really boost your self-confidence.

Don’t forget this can be a useful time to use the Work Breakdown Structure to help you. This will ultimately allow you to have a chain of project tasks that will help you get your priorities into good order, ultimately helping you achieve success.

Get a qualification

There is no better way to ensure that your knowledge and skills are up to scratch than by testing them through an exam; you might like to consider several different qualifications: APM, PMP and PRINCE2 courses. When you take an exam, you will look at your knowledge from several different angles, and this will help give you the confidence that comes with knowing your topics inside out. Not only will getting a qualification to boost your confidence, but it will also improve your prospects of finding other project management roles in the future.

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