Best Jobs For The Future: 2020 to 2050

Written By Alla Levin
March 17, 2020

Best Careers and The Best Jobs For The Future: 2020 to 2050

With the evolving world, jobs that were done by our grandfathers are not the same as the current jobs. The best jobs for the future would undoubtedly be different from today’s, as the world gets absorbed into technology. There will be jobs with high demand in 20-30 years. Here are some predictions on the best careers for 2020 to 5050.

Best Future Careers and Best Jobs For The Future

These are the best jobs for the future expected to have substantial growth and attractive remunerations.

Business AnalystBest Jobs For The Future

In the future, analyzing competition and industry trends will be necessary. Workers using data to draw connections and improve processes will be in high demand. Companies will hire business analysts to determine the business situation and present them to the management.

This position will be coupled with many soft skills, leading to online business analytics courses. Getting certification and experience, the future business analysts expected to climb their way for better working terms.

Software Developer

We all know software developers by their coding prowess. Soon, coding knowledge will become less critical as entry-level programmers get replaced by machine learning technology. Software engineers will require machine learning skills to retain their future job market. A software engineer with an AI understanding will be in high demand.

We will see developers spending less time on codes and spending more time integrating with other skills. They will resolve to self-taught coders as part of the future workforce.

Marketing Careers

In 10-30 years from today, technology will make the production of goods cost-efficient. Therefore, as production increases, businesses will invest more in marketing efforts to stand out. Salespersons will interact with automation tools to make marketing more smooth and effective. Commission on sales will increase as such professionals make huge sales due to innovative eCommerce tools expected to emerge in the future.

Information Security jobs

Data is here to stay. Businesses will primarily engage employees who can offer sophisticated security to business systems, bringing workers with IT backgrounds to high demand. As much as this career has been well paying, professionals with such skills advised remaining relevant with cybersecurity skills to handle new security threats.

Physical Therapistmost promising careers

Although doctors and nurses are currently one of the most promising careers, physical therapists are to grow more popular by 2050; as much we are moving to a machine-dominated job market, a machine can’t replace a physical therapist position.

This position will become highly demanded and attract fair pay as well.

Healthcare Administrator

Hospitals and health facilities have lots of data to handle and manage.  These positions will crop up to fill the need for logistics, planning, and other administrative functions of a health facility. This position is a well-paying one with fewer academic qualifications. These roles are readily available in most health and related facilities.

What changes are expected in the job market

Although we can’t predict our job market’s future, we can have a solid idea based on today’s situation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), significant career changes are expected in the future.

These changes will be occasioned by technological advancement. Technology will see Robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) dominate the future industries. This means that some positions are going away entirely as robots take them over. Manual laborers will need to acquire relevant skills to remain employable. AI will take over repetitive tasks. Workers will be able to interact with machines and technology than ever before.

What Are The Highest Paying Jobs In The Future

We can’t be pretty sure about this. But, out of all the listed careers for the future. This is because of the commission that comes with the position. As sales increase through eCommerce and other technologies, commissions will also increase.

Also, Software Developers will pocket high salaries. They will be deemed essential for making software that runs the operations of businesses.

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