Five Great Ways To Help The Kids Learn At Home

Written By Alla Levin
January 19, 2021

Five Great Ways To Help The Kids Learn At Home

Being at home with the kids for homeschool can be pretty overwhelming. You didn’t try as a teacher, which can mean you feel totally baffled by the current teaching styles, and the way that your children learn may be a surprise to you. For example, did you know your middle child was an audio learner?

Children learn in so many different ways, and you have the chance to get to know them in a totally new way. Yes, homeschool is hard if you’ve never done it before, but with the help of audio books for kids and kindergarten curriculum books and a lot of patience, you can do this! Below, we’ve put together five great ways you can help the kids to learn from home.

Work Your Routine – Together

Children are less than favorable about being dictated to, and while you are a parent, they still need to be receptive to learning. Telling them what to do and when won’t work and coming up with a routine together that establishes their age and abilities.

No child will be happy sitting at a screen and learning for six straight hours, so break it up with time outside, food and fun. By coming up with a routine together, your kids will be far happier to learn as they have some control over their learning.

Talk Openly

You’re all going to have worries here when it comes to home education, but that doesn’t mean you should hold them in. Talk to your children about the best way they like to learn. You may find that your children prefer to learn with lots of drawing, or you may find that they are happier to learn when they are allowed audiobooks. Either way, talk about it all openly!

Be Patientaudio books for kids

Oh, the hardest thing in the homeschooling handbook: patience! It would help if you remembered that you are not a teacher, but you are their person, and they need you to take your time and be patient about their “getting it.” Shorter learning sessions with online and offline activities is the way to go.

Protect Them Online

It’s so much fun to be online, but you need to protect your children online. While you allow them to keep in touch with their friends, their exposure to strangers on the internet still needs monitoring. Be aware of their online activities and teach them about the dangers of being online.

Work With Teachers

It’s so important that you keep in contact with the children’s school throughout your homeschool journey. They can offer guidance and information, answer your questions and keep you feeling safe and supported!

This whole situation is a brand new one for many parents, so be patient with yourself as much as you should be patient with the kids. It would help if you remembered that this is temporary. If the children are not receptive to home learning, it’s okay – it’s hard for them, too. 

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