Turn Your Boho Bedroom Into a Cozy Paradise with 5 Essentials

Written By Alla Levin
January 20, 2021

Turn Boho Bedroom Into a Cozy Paradise

One boho bedroom may not look exactly like another, but they will have one thing in common: the coziness factor.

With boho, you don’t have to focus too much on traditional interior design rules. In fact, unlike design styles that embrace aspects of minimalism, boho outright rejects it. Boho bedrooms are loud, eclectic, carefree, and most importantly, they’re a reflection of your personality.

Inspired by the fashion style of the 70s, a boho bedroom combines textures, colors, and patterns from different parts of the world. Think Moroccan rugs, Indian-inspired elephant motifs, and Southwestern decorative accents.

But with so many different elements at play, it can be challenging to strike the right balance between cozy and flat-out busy. Knowing which bohemian accents to add, understanding your mattress sizes, and eliminating clutter are all good places to start.

To create the cozy boho bedroom of your dreams, check out some essential boho decor you’ll need to help you get started.

Patterns on Patterns

Some design rules might tell you that mixing patterns is a strict no-no, but boho welcomes it. Mixing prints is practically essential for capturing the spirit of a boho bedroom.

Rugs and wall tapestries are both great ways to incorporate patterns into your room. The best part is they don’t necessarily need to complement each other, but choosing warm, earthy colors is an easy way to emphasize the bohemian element.

Take it one step further by layering patterned rugs on top of one another. Just make sure to pick a pair in the same color family. Rugs influenced by Morocco, Persia, Turkey, and India are all popular choices. When you’re shopping for rugs, could you not play it safe? Instead, find the most dramatic piece you can, especially if you’re working with a neutral color palette.

Earthy Color SchemeBoho Bedroom

What sets boho apart from other interior design styles is its distinctive color scheme.

Earthy tones, such as brick red, mustard yellow, and warm brown, are essential for creating a Pinterest-worthy boho chic bedroom. But you can also add brighter pops of color in the form of fiery orange, bright green, or jewel-toned purple.

To introduce these colors into your space seamlessly, make sure you have a neutral base. Commonly, most boho bedroom furniture tends to be in a lighter wooden finish, so try to coordinate your bedding and upholstery in a similar color scheme. This way, you can add bursts of color and still maintain an air of cohesiveness.

Layer Blankets

Nothing says cozy like layers and layers of throw blankets. A high-quality faux fur blanket can serve many functions in your bedroom. In addition to layering it on your bed, you could also drape it over an armchair to achieve an effortless, lived-in look.

Another boho bedroom idea is to create a make-shift seating area by layering faux fur throw blankets in a cozy nook, where you can read and unwind after a long day with a warm cup of tea.

The most obvious place to layer blankets would be the bed. Since your bed is the focal point of your room, try to find blankets in different textures and patterns to add depth. When you layer one blanket on top of another without a goal in mind, you run the risk of creating a space that looks heavy and flat.

To create the perfect layered bed, start with neutral bedding. Then, tuck a cooling blanket over your sheets so you don’t overheat during the night. When you have your essentials in place, you can add a patterned or bright-colored throw blanket at the foot of the bed to break up the neutrals.

Everything Vintagebohemian bedroom

Boho isn’t clean, structured, or new. What gives boho bedrooms its charm is that they’re often accessorized by vintage decor with a little bit of wear.

Thrift stores are a great place to shop for vintage accessories and promote sustainability at the same time. Still, if you’re on the market for something new that’ll last you longer, you can also find vintage-inspired pieces in many contemporary stores.

You could even forgo a shopping trip for boho decor and create something handmade, such as a macrame wall hanging or a crocheted throw. A boho bedroom should be full of character, so don’t hesitate to display your DIY projects even if they have a few imperfections.

Boho Bedroom: Plants, Plants, and More Plants

You’ll be hard-pressed to find aesthetic boho bedrooms that don’t include plants, often in multitudes.

Plants are an essential bohemian accent, one that can add a lot of color and freshness to your space. But beyond just elevating your area with a touch of green, some indoor plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen at night, making them an ideal choice for your bedroom. They can even eliminate toxins, such as carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde, from the air so you can breathe easy and live a little better.

In case you don’t have the time or patience to care for plants, you can opt for a succulent or cactus, both of which are low maintenance.

When decorating your space with plants, get creative. You can have a large floor plant next to your window, but you can also deck your shelves with a few smaller ones or install hanging planters for more variety.

Designing the ultimate cozy boho bedroom might take some time, but creating a space that makes you feel your best is well worth the effort. Investing in the best mattress, scrounging for the right vintage pieces, and incorporating bursts of color are all essential for turning your room into a bohemian paradise.

While these must-haves can help you get started, your boho bedroom should feel right to you. Incorporate tokens from travels and personal mementos to create a space that captures who you are.

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