7 Proven Ways to Improve the User Experience to Explode Your Conversion Rate

Written By Alla Levin
January 27, 2021
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Ways to Improve the User Experience to Explode Your Conversion Rate

Do you feel your business website is holding you back? Are you working hard to improve the user experience, but finding it is just not working? Your website is a window to your brand, and you need to get it right to succeed in the fast and crowded digital marketplace.

One way excel is to improve the user experience on your website. Below, we give 7 ways to maximize it and keep people returning time after time.

Optimize Your CTA

It is effortless to get carried away using a call to action (CTA) in multiple places. A call to action is a command that tells people where to go next. It may be a ‘click here’ or ‘check out our next article’ command style.

They are useful as they keep people on your site and direct them towards the action you want them to take. This may be a purchase or a sign up to a service.

However, too many CTAs on a website can end up leading people round in circles. Streamline your CTA process, directing them to the one goal you want the website to achieve. Once you have this set in place, all roads will lead in one direction, making it clearer to the user the website’s overall goal and intention.

Speed It Uphow to improve speed

Speed really is the key when it comes to website optimization. Have you ever sat waiting for a website and its images to load, only to become impatient and look elsewhere? If so, then you must realize that your customers may be doing the same.

A whole article itself could be written on how to improve speed. Generally, you should start by installing a speed-enhancing plugin if you are on WordPress. If not, then look at other options available for your platform.

After this, try to perfect your images. Large, cumbersome images take time to download, and that can cost you. While many websites will size them down automatically, many will not.

Make It Responsive

As the devices people view websites on becomes more varied, your website needs to be more flexible in how it displays. While it may look great on a desktop, it may suddenly be out of proportion or hard to navigate on a particular brand of mobile phone. This is where responsive websites come in.

The responsive website adapts to fit whatever screen it is being viewed on. It will function on both a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet. Responsive websites can also help increase your SEO score.

Provide Content of ValueImprove the User Experience

The reason people are visiting your site in the first place is because of its content, so above all else, you have a duty to them to make sure that it is of value. Content of value is something that adds to their life. It can be a helpful guide, news, or even pure entertainment.

If you create the content of value, users will want to stay on your website for longer. Not only does it make them return to your site for help, advice, or entertainment, but it also reduces your bounce rate. This is the rating regarding how long people stay on your website, and improving it can help your SEO score massively.

Track What Users Do

Tracking what users do on your website can give you some excellent insights into improving the end-user experience. If visitors are all flocking to one page, you know that is the kind of content and experience they are looking for and can try to replicate this.

In contrast, if one page is ignored or has people leaving in droves, then why is it on your site?

Tracking what people do will require some additional software to provide heat and scroll maps. This may take a little time and effort to learn how to use it effectively. It can be done in a very rudimentary fashion by looking at what pages are popular, though this does not give the bigger picture.

Make It Look Goodconsultation with a designer

Your website is the window to your brand and organization. If it does not reflect your company’s aesthetic or reflects it negatively, then that will carry into the image people have of your business.

Make sure you choose everything carefully in consultation with a designer. Fonts, colors, and your choice of images all play a huge part in what customers think. All of the choices you have made away from the website regarding design must be carried through to the site itself.

For example, could you imagine going on the Mcdonald’s website and finding they have decided to use purple and orange instead of red and yellow? It would not reflect the brand and the image they have cultivated.

Improve the User Experience With Interaction

Finally, let people interact with your site and brand. Get social with them and let them have a voice. Use your website to open up a dialogue.

This was previously done in comments sections, but these are now becoming less used due to the advent of social media. To replace them, set up social accounts and make it easy to share your content. When people add comments to the content, they have shared, respond and speak to them.

Another way to encourage interaction is to add a reviews or testimonials section. Let people rate you and say what they liked (or didn’t) about your product or service.

Hire a Professionalhire a professional

One way to improve the user experience is to hire a professional. They will be able to remove cumbersome code from your website, speeding it up, and implement design changes to impact your outcomes positively. Search online for one with great reviews, or ask others in your company to recommend someone.

If you enjoyed our helpful article, then visit the rest of our blog. We have assistance on everything from business to finance. Please stop by today and let us guide your business through the coming year!

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