Advantages Of Using Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

Written By Alla Levin
January 29, 2021
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Advantages Of Using Ultrasonic Testing Equipment

If you own an asset-centric industry like manufacturing, transportation, or oil and gas, you need expensive pieces of large machinery to generate profit. Maintaining these machines require non-destructive testing to identify whether they need repair or maintenance.

If performed on time, these testing regimens may help you minimize equipment replacement and extend the machine’s lifespan. It can also reduce costly operational failures. Companies use various types of non-destructing method. However, one of the most popular ones is ultrasonic testing.

Ultrasonic testing works effectively to give a picture of a machine’s internal structure. They work by probing the sound wave frequencies that pass through the devices. Like dolphins and bats, they transmit waves through composite materials or metals. They then analyze these waves and create images of anomalies or irregularities that technicians can use to report any flow that may lead to asset failure.

Like other non-destructive testing methods, ultrasonic testing has limitations. It requires surfaces to be accessible and can only be used by skilled technicians. Using them to inspect some materials such as cast iron may be difficult because the linear cracks aren’t easy to detect.

However, despite these disadvantages, it’s widely used and has a host of other benefits because it’s advanced compared to other non-destructive testing methods. You can buy ultrasonic testing equipment from Coltraco.


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Ultrasonic testing has been in existence for more than 90 years. It has evolved and is still in use because of its many advantages. Some of these advantages include:


Advanced ultrasonic equipment such as TOFD (time of flight diffraction) and PAUT (phased array) can give you immediate results. When the technician completes inspecting the material’s surface, the instrument’s software will picture its interior. This enables the technicians to perform inspections on large areas and make immediate decisions from the scan results. PAUT can allow you to even scan larger surfaces at once.

Easy To Use

Using ultrasonic testing requires certification, training, and the ability to manipulate modern instruments and software. However, scanning needs little preparation and is carried out by light cordless devices that technicians can easily move.

Sensitive And Accurate

Advanced ultrasonic equipment that uses the latest software techniques and algorithms can accurately determine the position, size, and shape of most errors within a device.

Research shows that the accuracy and sensitivity of this equipment are more than that of other NDT devices. Ultrasonic testing can help you to sense surface floors and problems that are below the surface.

Excellent Imaging Power

Ultrasonic equipment uses software that has strong visualization tools. Through these programs, they can inspect images from different angles and screen noise through their filters. Their zoom features also enable you to view and examine tiny details.


Manufacturers of ultrasonic testing equipment had field conditions in mind when creating them. They can withstand dust, temperature, vibration, and humidity. Their swappable batteries also make it possible to carry out inspections throughout the day before returning to the company.

Summing Up

Ultrasonic testing may not only be the efficient non-distractive method available. However, it’s more advanced and powerful than other methods, making it useful in many industries. Without this equipment, you’ll expose your company to various risks such as dangerous accidents and unplanned machine downtime.

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