What Are the Best Ways to Avoid Accidents?

Written By Alla Levin
January 17, 2020
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What Are the Best Ways to Avoid Accidents?

Car accidents are tragic and apart from the car damage the lives of the passengers and drivers also come at a risk.

For the safety of everyone on the road, it is important that every driver passes the driving test and gets a license, EZlicense helps its customers to achieve this purpose.

Here are some ways to help avoid the possibility of an accident:

Ways to Avoid Accidents: Training and License

Whether you take driving lessons from someone at home or by a professional, follow their guidelines seriously. You can take all your time to learn before you start driving on the road.

Among all the road accidents, untrained drivers are the cause of many of them. Stay calm and get rid of all the distractions.

When you are confident enough about your driving skills then apply for a license, they will check how good you drive before they issue a license.

This process is the first step to avoid road accidents.

Stay Alert

While driving keep your mind alert and focus on the road. Let nothing distract you. If you are having a conservation with someone in the car then you don’t have to look at them, this is very dangerous.

To stay alert you need to be sitting comfortably on your driving seat. A good posture with a perfect height to reach the steering wheel is a very decent position.

Concentrate solely on your driving. If you are planning to go on a long drive then make sure you get enough sleep and if you have a partner with you take turns to drive.

Drivers who are tired and overeat before driving are the reason behind so many deaths. You can take a break from driving if you have a long way to go, this will give you time to refresh your mind and body.

Check the Car Mirrors

As soon as you sit in your car you should check your car mirrors. Side and rearview mirror need proper positioning.

If you drive in a heavy traffic area, you need the mirrors to give you a clear view of the road and the traffic.

Keep your mirrors clean, before setting on the road clean them well. Cleaning your mirrors during driving is not something that you should practice.

Avoid Using Your Cellphone

Anything that could distract you from focusing on the road is dangerous, using your cell phone is one of them. If your job demands frequent phone calls then invest some money on buying good quality hands-free.

But not using your phone is the safest option. You can park your car and take the phone call if it is urgent. It is better if you put your phone on silent, even the slightest tune can distract you.

Changing the song on the playlist, turning up the volume and constantly keeping your mind engaged in these kinds of activities is dangerous.

Never Have Food While Driving

You need a good grip on the steering wheel while driving, never look or search for anything when you are driving.

Most of us would unthinkingly start eating while driving, this means one of your hand is busy somewhere else.

This distracts your mind and will cause a serious accident, it is for the safety of everyone that you never touch food while on the road.

You can park your car to have food if you have been traveling for quite some time, but remember don’t overeat.

The oxygen that reaches your brain is slowed down when you overeat and make you fall asleep.

Maintain a safe Speedto avoid accidents a defensive driver should

Overs speeding and skipping lanes without using the indicator is a risk. Following the speed limits will give you a chance to take the necessary step on time.

Pedestrians and other drivers sometimes do not pay attention and if you are on a safe speed you will be able to react on time.

A responsible driver will always listen to the signs on the road, the standard signs are drafted by experts of road safety. Whether it is a slope, a U-turn, a speed breaker or any other sign, do not ignore them.

Avoid Changing Lane without Signaling

You should always stay on your lane and do not forget to check the mirrors. Some areas cannot be spotted even by looking in the mirror, these are called blind spots.

You can simply look over your shoulder to see if the road is clear. Use your indicator to signal to other cars behind you, when you are done with switching your lane you can turn off the sign.

Never Over Speed

When you over speed there is a risk of losing the control of the vehicle. Other drivers and pedestrians can miscalculate your speed and it can cause a serious accident.

The road condition also plays a role in car safety accidents, a broken road is a threat to your safety. Over speeding can burst your car tires, use good quality tires and check their expiration date from time to time.

Follow the Signal

People who follow traffic rules are considered safer on the road than the ones who do not follow it. Traffic laws have been made for the safety of drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

The flow of traffic is controlled efficiently by these signals.

You can easily get a ticket for breaking the signal, be patient while driving.

Nothing could possibly be more important than your life, many car accidents are caused by drivers who overlook the signals rules. New drivers should educate themselves about road signs before starting driving.

Never Drive When You Are Drunk

It is a serious offense to drive drunk, many countries have laws that can put you in jail for doing this. A drunk mind and body do not have the same abilities as a sober one.

When a drunk person drives he puts the lives of many at-risk including his own. With a bad vision and impaired judgment because of the alcohol level in your body, you cannot maintain a good concentration on the road.

After having a party it is necessary that you ask your sober friend to drive you home.

Taxi and bus are also alternate transportation options when you are drunk.

Conclusion on Ways to Avoid Accidents

Follow the safety rules and pay attention to your driving.  The rules and laws for safe driving are made after proper research, the weather conditions also play a role in drafting these regulations.

Be more tolerant when you are on the road and learn to ignore aggressive drivers to avoid road accidents.

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