How Does DevSecOps Assure Smooth Cloud Deployment

Written By Alla Levin
February 01, 2021

How Does DevSecOps Assure Smooth Cloud Deployment

Over the years, the storage infrastructure in the IT sector has changed drastically. Storing confidential information is easier in this digital era, but it poses numerous challenges. While cloud infrastructure, swift application, and shared storage have made it easier to share information, it can also be easily tapped into.

Cyber-attacks pose a severe threat to individuals and organizations alike. However, organizations must think about protecting data related to their business operations, employees, and clients. Hence, security measures and dynamic approaches should be put in place to ensure that confidential information is not compromised. Implementation of DevSecOps protocols is designed to help organizations build a more secure digital infrastructure.

Learning About DevSecOps

DevSecOps stands for Development, Security, and Operations. In short, this protocol can ensure that every person is responsible for cybersecurity. As technology has advanced and cyber threats have increased, implementing cybersecurity is crucial.

This strategy aims to implement security measures at the same scale as development and operation measures. Security can no longer be a second thought. Instead, it must be at the forefront of every operation.

How Can DevSecOps Be Implemented?How Can DevSecOps Be Implemented

With this protocol, the idea is to ensure that security is a core component of any organization or team’s digital infrastructure. Such programs should be designed so that security is integrated from the beginning rather than introduced as an additional feature later.

For organizations who wish to introduce security measures to enhance their DevOps protocols, here is what they should keep in mind to ensure smooth workflow:

  • Automation is Important: DevOps was introduced as a way to ensure faster and seamless operations. Hence, automated security protocols can help make this process faster. When there are some automatic security protocols used during the initial stages, it becomes easier to enhance security during the later stages.
  • Work to Improve Efficiency: Improving security measures to strengthen your digital infrastructure is a necessity. However, security measures can also be used to increase efficiency. When your files or data can be assessed for security breaches or weak links can be identified early on, it becomes easier to rectify it than at a later stage. Thus, there is increased efficiency.
  • Risk Assessment: Risk assessment is a necessity of any security protocol. With risk assessment, not only can you identify the difficulties in implementing specific protocols, but weak links can be identified as well. With regular risk assessment, organizations can strengthen weak points, and organizations can adopt security measures to suit the present situation’s needs.
  • Attack Your Software: Once you feel as though you have created a reliable DevSecOps protocol, your work is not over yet. It is time for you to test your software with the help of a controlled attack. With the use of a controlled attack, an organization can see just how efficient its protocols genuinely are.

Security measures are a necessity and can no longer be a second thought. With the help of a security team, you can make your DevOps protocol much more efficient and quicker. Security as code ensures that not only are you able to detect threats early on but that you can improve efficiency as well.

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