How Truckers Can Make Use of Modern Technology

Written By Alla Levin
March 29, 2021

How Truckers Can Make Use of Modern Technology

Modern technology is evolving at an incredible pace, and it seems like new devices. Exciting innovations are being developed all the time, with old systems becoming outdated in a matter of years and so many remarkable breakthroughs being made that can truly change our personal and professional lives in many different ways.

We’re seeing industries embracing these new technological innovations all over the globe. Marketing companies rely on AI learning to craft better companies. Retailers are integrating chatbots and customer management solutions into their day-to-day operations. Even the trucking industry is seeing some big shake-ups with the help of technology.

Trucking technology is a surprisingly vast and varied field, ranging from simple, intelligent devices that can help make truckers’ driving experiences more comfortable to advanced vehicle safety systems that reduce the road’s risk of accidents. This guide will look at just some of how the average trucker can use and benefit from today’s tech.

Advanced GPS DevicesAdvanced GPS Devices

The invention of the GPS has been a real game-changer for the trucking industry. While many drivers worldwide use GPS devices to get them to their destinations and avoid getting lost, truckers tend to use far more advanced systems powered by state-of-the-art technology to provide more in-depth and relevant information needs.

The best trucking GPS devices can provide lots of data, including bridge weight limits to help you plan your routes as safely as possible and even fuel prices at local gas stations to help drivers save on cash.

Electronic Logbooks

Logbooks have always been a big part of the trucking world, and for many years, truckers and trucking companies had to rely on classic pen and paper logbooks to record duties, shifts, and status changes.

These old-fashioned logbooks could easily get lost or damaged. In the modern era, electronic logbooks are being used with increasing frequency, giving drivers a simple, convenient, and secure way to track their work and movements, transmitting the data wirelessly back to the company’s HQ, if necessary, and streamlining the average day of work for countless trucking professionals.

In-Truck EntertainmentIn-Truck Entertainment

As any seasoned trucker knows, driving trucks for hours on end can be quite a boring job at times, and there are often moments when you’ll be parked up, waiting for the next stage of your work, having to pass the time however you can. All of this can lead to drivers getting bored and fatigued, but various innovations take the in-truck experience to the next level.

You can make use of smartphones and other devices to download and play your favorite music or podcasts. At the same time, you work, for example, or can even set up a digital TV screen with Wi-Fi streaming to watch movies and shows, make video calls to the family back home, play games, and much more.

Dash Cams

Fleet dash cams have proven to be one of the biggest success stories of tech in the trucking industry in recent years.. They’ve caught on with the general public, too, being used in many cars and vehicles worldwide, but they’re significant for truckers and trucking companies.

Modern-day dash cams can be important in defending truckers and entire fleets if any crashes or collisions occur. They can often show that other road users were to blame for the accident or provide valuable evidence that sheds light on the situation for insurance claims. As studies show, this can be important because people automatically assume that truck drivers are at fault when truck and car collisions occur.


Driver scorecards are yet another example of modern technology integrating the trucking world in an interesting, effective, and somewhat surprising way. These scorecards essentially act as a form of ‘gamification of trucking work; they allow trucking companies to monitor their employees’ behavior and driving styles by tracking behavior and ‘scoring’ how well they drive.

Scorecards have been around for a while, but today’s models are far more advanced than those of the past, reducing the risks of any errors and focusing more on the positive aspects of a trucker’s driving to provide positive reinforcement.

Final Word

It’s clear to see that technology is making its mark on the trucking industry in more ways than one. Any company wanting to stay ahead of the game should keep up with tech trends and be ready to embrace the next big innovations in the years to come.

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