8 Ways to Be More Sustainable in 2024

Written By Alla Levin
February 10, 2021

8 Ways to Be More Sustainable in 2024

The New Year brings in lots of new goals and resolutions to make us our best selves: eat healthier, work out more, and wake up earlier. But one goal we should all make a pact to stick to this year is to be more sustainable. It’s our responsibility to treat the earth with respect, which means living a more sustainable lifestyle.

And while that might seem intimidating, it just takes a few simple adjustments. You don’t have to spend a ton of money or completely alter your lifestyle to live more sustainably; you just have to be more conscious about your habits. Here are 8 easy ways to be more sustainable in 2021:

Buy second-hand clothing

The fashion industry is extremely detrimental to the environment. Fast fashion contributes to air pollution, water pollution, climate change, and resource depletion, to name a few. Instead of supporting the many fast fashion brands accessible to us, shop sustainably and shop second-hand.

Check out your local thrift store and go shopping there instead. It’s not only a fun activity but also way cheaper, and you’ll find charming stuff without damaging the environment.

Ways to be more sustainable: use a PACE programPACE program California

You can save energy, water, and money by using a PACE program, like the Ygrene PACE program California, that allows the financing of energy-efficient upgrades to your property. It’s available in more than 45 counties throughout California. Installing this program will help you be more sustainable by limiting your energy and water consumption, helping you save money.

Eat less meat

You don’t have to go fully vegetarian or vegan. Just incorporate some meatless days into your diet. By eating less meat, you’ll help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the agriculture industry.

Start doing a meatless Monday once a week, and you might even find that you enjoy not eating meat occasionally. If you’re struggling to think of what to cook, check out a vegetarian cookbook that you can find just about anywhere.

Use eco-friendly beauty products

There are endless eco-friendly beauty products out there that are better for you and the environment. Always choose cruelty-free products and brands that use recycled packaging. Acure is a great brand founded on sustainable principles, is 100% vegan, and uses recyclable packaging.

Avoid single-use plastic


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Avoiding single-use plastic is so easy nowadays; you just have to put a little bit of effort in. First, get yourself a reusable water bottle, like a Hydroflask. Stop using plastic utensils and straws whenever possible. Invest in eco-friendly cooking tools, like reusable bags and baking sheets.

Use public transportation

Cars are a huge contributor to global warming, and while it’s hard to give up your car completely, make it a goal to use public transportation more. If taking public transportation isn’t an option, try car-sharing or getting an electric car.

Ways to be more sustainable: reduce waste

You would probably be shocked to learn just how much waste one person creates daily. Household waste is a major contributor to carbon dioxide emissions every year, making it a goal to reduce the amount of waste you produce.

You can do this in plenty of ways: freeze food before throwing it away, donate extra food to a food pantry, and compost whenever possible.

Shop less

ways to be more sustainable

Help the planet and your wallet by just shopping less in general. Please limit the number of trips you take to the mall or the grocery store to when it’s essential. The more you buy, the more packaging is used, and the bigger your carbon footprint will get. When you do shop, make sure you shop sustainably.

Living a more sustainable lifestyle doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It doesn’t have to take years of dedication or major lifestyle changes. It just takes looking at your habits differently. Ask yourself, how can I limit the amount of plastic I use? How can I be more eco-friendly? The answers are much more straightforward than you think.

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