Should You Choose Curtains Or Blinds?

Written By Alla Levin
February 15, 2021

Should You Choose Curtains Or Blinds?

This is an age-old debate for anyone who has ever decorated a home “Do we choose curtains or blinds,” and usually the choice is made by whatever we think looks better. But there are actually a few variables you should consider when deciding this yourself when decorating your home.

So, to help you make an informed decision, we’ll look at each room of the house and let you know whether you should opt for made to measure curtains or cut to size blinds for your home’s windows!

Kitchen – Blinds

Let’s start with the kitchen, shall we? Straight away, we’re giving a choice to blinds over curtains. This is because your kitchen is a hotspot for dampness and stains, so having a curtain made of fabric will be liable to deteriorate from the moisture or get ruined by some stray food, so because of that, blinds take the win here!

Remember when buying blinds for your kitchen, you don’t want blinds made of fabric like a Roman blind, as they’d suffer the same fate as curtains, but you should look at Aluminum or Faux Wood Venetian blinds or a PVC based Roller blind made of ‘easy wipe’ material. These blinds are designed for kitchen spaces, so you don’t have to worry about damaging your blinds.

Living Room – DrawLiving Room

Living rooms are very versatile spaces, as they don’t have the environmental issues a kitchen or bathroom would usually have. So when it comes to your living room, your choice of blinds or curtains should be based on what style you prefer.

In a living room, almost any curtain will work well. Still, when it comes to blinds, you should look at Day & Night blinds, Double Roller blinds, or some Venetian blinds. These are all very stylish types of blinds, so they fit well in a living room. They also allow for a lot of control over incoming light, allowing you to easily keep the sun out of your eyes.

Bathroom – Blinds

Next up, the bathroom. Much like the kitchen curtains are immediately out of the picture as with all the moisture in the air, they’re liable to deteriorate or start to rot and grow mold; for those reasons, we also avoid Wooden blinds and Fabric blinds as they would also be damaged by the ‘wetness’ of the bathroom.

So, in a bathroom, you’ll want to look at Aluminum Venetian blinds that have been treated to be water-resistant, Faux Wood Venetian blinds, or a PVC based Roller Blind. Any of those options will be resistant to the steam and water in a bathroom and still being stylish window furnishings.

Bedroom – Curtains (Or Blackout Blinds)Bedroom – Curtains

Finally, we’re on to the bedroom, for the bedroom, you should opt for curtains over blinds… Unless you can find a blackout blind. This is because blinds often let outside light leak through the sides of the blind, whereas curtains usually fully cover the windows. However, blackout blinds will be as effective as curtains when it comes to blocking light.

So, for your bedroom’s curtains, you really have free reign, of course, you’ll want to make sure your curtain is thick enough to completely block out light from outside, other than that your choice of curtains should be a simple style choice. Visit Drapery Rods Direct to round off your perfect look.

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