Why Do you Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer in Bronx to Maximize your Compensation

Written By Alla Levin
February 15, 2021

Slip and Fall Lawyer in Bronx to Maximize Compensation

The Bronx, the third most densely populated county in the US, is home to 1,432,132 people. No matter the population, with the increasing concrete jungle worldwide, slip and fall accidents are not new. You may fall down the stairs at a friend’s house or slip on a wet floor at the Bronx Terminal Market.

Accidents can indeed occur anywhere. But when it occurs in anyone else’s property, you will be fully eligible and entitled to recover the property owner’s damages. If you have been wounded because of a slip and fall accident in the Bronx or other New York areas, you should talk to an experienced Bronx Slip and Fall Lawyer to help you with the case. Such accidents can load up a heap of medical bills, lost income, future medical expenses on your shoulder, along with emotional stress and suffering.

This is why you deserve maximum compensation from the opposite party. An experienced and knowledgeable local slip and fall lawyer in the Bronx will help you with that, and here is how.

Preserving the Evidence

The lawyer will work on preserving all evidence that will support your case. It can be accident reports, pictures, witness statements, documentation of your wages, medical bills, etc. Some evidence like store surveillance tapes, if available, should also be quickly obtained before they are taped over.

Line of CommunicationBronx Slip and Fall Lawyer

When the property owner’s insurance company is in the picture, you must have an experienced Bronx Slip and Fall Lawyer with good negotiating skills by your side. They will serve as the line of communication between you and the insurer.

The Bronx lawyer will identify the different factors which can affect the liability and damages.  As slip and fall cases are not usually clear-cut, a lawyer will help you decide whether the case will win if taken to a trial. As there is a limited time for filing lawsuits for slip and fall cases in the Bronx, the lawyer will speed up the process and increase the chances of getting hefty compensation.

Fall Lawyer in Bronx: Documentation

To prove the damages on your side and get the right amount as compensation, the local slip and fall lawyer from the Bronx will document your lost wages once they review your employer’s pay records, tax returns, and tax forms. They will also help you get and organize the medical bills from hospitals and health professionals who took care of your injury.

In case the medical records are not sufficient enough legally to prove that the slip and fall accident was the cause of your injury, then the Bronx Slip and Fall Lawyer will get in touch with the doctor. He will ask for a detailed medical report or a letter specially stating the causal factor.

Legal Responsibility & Handling Insurance Companies

Experienced lawyers will also scrutinize, review and examine your case to find all the necessary proof that the property owner’s negligence resulted in causing you damage. The local Bronx lawyers specializing in slip and fall cases will have a good experience negotiating with the insurance companies to help you get the maximum compensation.

While filing the lawsuit, if your claim cannot be settled, then your local Bronx lawyer can help you through the trial process and work through the Bronx, New York’s legal system to get you the maximum compensation in lieu for your damage, financial loss, and emotional stress to an extent.

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