ITIL Vs PRINCE2 Certification – Choose Better One

Written By Alla Levin
February 17, 2021

ITIL Vs PRINCE2 Certification – Choose Better One

Information technology is one of the most widely used networks all around the world. All of us are surrounded by technology in some of the other. IT has totally changed the functioning of the world. It refers to anything related to computing Technology like networking, hardware, software, internet, etc.

Project management is referred to as a system where a group of people or individuals works in different stages to achieve the project objectives and goals to make the project successful. Project management is a very necessary step for every project, as it ensures that the project is done with all the required resources and within the given budget.

ITIL Vs. PRINCE2 Certification

Coming to PRINCE2 is a practical, process-based methodology that provides detailed and step-by-step guidance. Do the candidates deliver a successful project with transparent templates, steps, and processes. Now, Coming to ITIL Certification, It comes from the same stable as PRINCE2 CERTIFICATION. ITIL is also a process-based certification that aims to give the candidates the ability to improve how it is delivered and managed within an organization.

By using ITIL, The candidates can continue early to improve their effectiveness, efficiency, quality, and cost management in this respective field. Generally, information technology is used increasingly in organizations, but It is also found that IT can be utilized in a variety of settings for a variety of purposes too. ITIL is imperative to understand what is the actual difference between service management and project management.

Course and Training Course and Training 

PRINCE 2 certification training course, the candidates will learn how to tailor projects based on the environment, control the use of resources, and develop up product-based planning approach for projects. The key features of the PRINCE2 Course are: It provides 61 hours of applied learning, to simulation tests, 26 process templates, 156 lessons and quizzes, 22 downloadable slides with two projects, Two-sample papers, and then exam preparation guide, 31 PDUs, and 98.2% success rate.

The benefit of doing PRINCE2 TRAINING is that It avoids a recognized present field that is used both in the private and public sector. Also, PRINCE2 TRAINING Increases the ability of the candidate to execute projects in a business environment, which validates his or her skills as a senior project manager.

An ideal certification course provides the candidate with a good understanding of the ITIL for the framework, core concepts, and terminologies of the ITIL service lifecycle. The idea is training course comes with a 100% money-back guarantee, and it is a highly effective learning method. Did it provide the candidate with the knowledge and confidence to pass the ITIL exam on the very first attempt?

The key features of the ITIL course are: It provides 19 PDUs for sale learning, four simulation exams, 30 chapter and quizzes, two industry case studies, and one exam voucher. The benefits of doing the ITIL certification are that It will make you more familiar with the concept of the ITIL framework and also enhance the quality of IT service management. It has been seen that the ITIS certified professionals on up to 40% more as a comparison to the non-certified peers.

The market for each of the Certification

If we go through the suite of best practice products originally developed by the office of government commerce in the United Kingdom, PRINCE2 CERTIFICATION has become the de facto standard there, But as a whole, it is recognized and valued worldwide because of its scalability and practicality, in particular, So it enjoys a strong presence in Australia, Europe and other countries outside North America.

The project management qualifications have their origins in the USA, and as such, ITIL certification is officially in the US only. ITIL is valued throughout the world for the comprehensive content of the PMBOK guide. As a whole, ITIL is accepted globally as an effective and efficient way to plan, identify, deliver, and support IT services in the business field. The demand for all these certifications is at a high level throughout the world as more than 1 million candidates have already given the PRINCE2 examination, And its popularity increasing with each passing day.

These were all the relevant and important points about both the certifications. Anybody who’s working in It should know both project management and Service Management as a whole, so both of these certifications have equal importance in their respective fields.

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