Gift Ideas to Send Your Work At Home Team
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Gift Ideas to Send Your Work At Home Team

At least once a year, it is best to express your gratitude to your workers to help them step up in their work. Every team works hard and is flexible to ensure that your company meets its goals.

Therefore, it is wise to send them thoughtful yet practical gifts or some virtual gifts. Are you stuck with what to buy them? Avoid getting the usual gifts that other employers consider and go out of your way with a gift to help them step up their work-from-home game. Below are some 7 gift ideas to send your work at home team.

Standing desk

Help your team members get a proper desk that they can use to work at home. A standing desk is a good pick as it will help them alternate between standing and sitting when they need to switch. This will come in handy as they work from home and will help them stay clear about what they had converted as a desk from their home.

Plus, standing desks help with increasing mental alertness and increase productivity, according to findings. Plus, their various types you can choose from, so space and price should not be a concern.

 Gift for Work At Home Team: Wireless charger with an organizer  Wireless charger with an organizer  

This is not an everyday gift for most people. However, a Teslyar website organizer is a thoughtful gift that helps you kill two birds with one stone. Besides, this gift will help your team maintain a clutter-free workspace. Plus, it helps conveniently charge their cell phones without dealing with cords. Even though you are on a tight budget. It is a gift that is affordable and you can get everyone in your team.

Noise-canceling headphones

Background noise, such as garbage trucks, barking dogs, children, easily disrupt your concentration. Fortunately, there is an effective way to block out these noises by using a noise-canceling machine. Not only will they help them drown out distracting sounds, but they can use them to listen to your favorite music or podcasts. Plus, they are ideal to use when you have your voice calls.

Plants  Gift for Work At Home Team

Getting a plant for your team may somehow not seem electrifying. But, plants are great as they can spruce up any workspace. Importantly, they help to remove toxins in the air. Plus, they help to boost satisfaction and productivity. If you chose to send a plant to your team, ensure that it is easy to maintain. Plus, it should be small enough to fit on any office space or desk. Some plants that you can get are English Ivy, Snake plant, African violet, Oxalis, Luck bamboo and the list is endless.


A scratchpad will come in handy if you know your team is the kind that their work entails jotting down throughout as they work. This could be a phone number, random thought, or a reminder. This is beneficial as it helps prioritize things, improves memory and creativity, and increases their focus. A dry-erase scratchpad is best to keep your workspace clean and also to reduce paper waste. Plus, it is reusable and durable without taking up too much space.

Webcam care package ideas for remote employees

A webcam is a better alternative in comparison to relying on questionable built-in computer cameras. The webcam will come in handy as most work-at-home workers today have more video conference meetings. Choose one that records quality videos that is easy to attach to tripods and displays. Plus, consider one that has features that have quality microphones for capturing your voice. All these will be worth it when you have meetings with your team next.

Laptop and screen cleaner

Things your team use for their work at home every day, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones are dust magnets. Plus, they are a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause a lot of harm to your device. For instance, they can drain your battery and cause your device to overheat.

Many people rarely think about these issues. So this will be a thoughtful gift idea that your team will be grateful to have. They can use this to remove smudges and fingerprints from screens.

Here’s an article about ideas on what to give as gifts for interns, read on. Choose this for your team, and it will come in handy for their devices as they work from home.

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