Heartwarming Gifts During COVID
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Heartwarming Gifts For Your Loved Ones During COVID

Though the classic “time together is all we need” mantra is heartwarming and generally on point, COVID isn’t going to allow for safe gatherings any time soon. With that, creativity for sharing time needs to be upped a few notches, as does creativity in gift-giving, as there has never been a better year for practicality.

Don’t Let a COVID Bring You Down

The list of valid complaints related to the COVID pandemic is nearly endless. Still, a silver lining of having a pandemic last as long as this one is is an opportunity for the collection of disease data, which will not only help plan and adapt to pandemics in the future but can also allow for more educated decisions on what we do as this pandemic hangs around, especially throughout 2021.

Thank goodness for online group birthday cards that can be sent without ever meeting in person during the pandemic! Evolutions in web-based communication have allowed for many businesses to stay intact during this time, and your family can utilize these same technologies (many of which are free) to feel closer, even if actual proximity is not in the cards.

Card games and even things like Pictionary can be played over the computer, and gift-giving and receiving can still be shared in real-time. Speaking of which, here are a few gift ideas for you to think about throughout the upcoming year.

Gifts During COVID: Handcrafted GiftsHeartwarming Gifts During

Presents that are created rather than purchases always seem to hold just a little extra weight and as COVID has forced so many people to stay inside, why not utilize that time to make something from the heart for your loved ones? Craft stores and department stores offer delivery on things generally outside of the realm of what we can expect to be delivered, so you can even get all of your supplies safely and securely if the hobby drawer is looking pretty sparse.

The year 2020 won’t likely be an easier year to forget, so adding a little related humor to your crafts can add a level of sentiment to share with generations to come.

Notebook for Starting a Personal Diary or Journal

Another silver lining of the year that was 2020 was an increase in people pursuing creative endeavors. Akin to the handcrafted gifts mentioned above, empowering your loved ones to pursue those creative passions is always a great idea. If you have a lyricist, writer, or otherwise creative mind in your circle of loved ones, a notebook or journal set helps organize those hobbies and make the final product even more artistic.

Gifts During COVID: At Home Exercise ProgramsHeartwarming Gifts During

Mental health and exercise have taken a toll over the past year, and many family members are still looking for new options on what they can do at home to stay active. You can think about giving your loved one access to online programs around yoga, exercise biking, dumbbell lifts, or resistance bands. Here they’ll have a chance to work out their body and keep their mind healthy all at the same time.

Emergency Preparedness Kits!

Though not fun to think about, the reality now exists more than ever in people’s minds that “anything can happen,” and helping your loved ones feel more prepared for whatever hardship might be next is not only practical, but it also helps serve as a means of health education regarding pandemics for anyone who may find themselves getting overly used to “the old normal” when, indeed, everyone returns to regularity.

Emergency preparedness kits are great for any age and catered towards certain people’s feelings and abilities.

Home-Spa Gift SetHome-Spa Gift Set

A classic and often loved gift of the past was a spa treatment, but given the wave of “open versus closed” that places like spas and gyms are experiencing via legislation related to the pandemic, it could be a gift that can’t be used for quite some time. Luckily, there is an alternative that allows the same treatment without leaving the house.

For your loved ones who like to be pampered, a home-spa gift set full of bath time goodies and skin care treatments can be done at home. Tack on a bathrobe if you’re loved ones are really, really special!

Gifts During COVID: Tea Plate Set

Another creative idea is a gift that can be enjoyed now and serves as something that can be enjoyed together when time allows. Tea plate sets are not only nice to look at, but they can be very, very customized to show the personality of your loved ones. And, of course, you can invite yourself over for tea as soon as the pandemic is finally over!

Cooking KitsGifts During COVID

This excess time indoors means more take out meals and more cooking! If you’re looking to add an extra dose of healthy into someone’s life, sending them a meal kit may be the way to go. There are a dozen companies that send boxes of ready-to-cook meals straight to the door. This means they can cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner without ever having to leave the house. Most of these companies offer healthier alternatives compared to ordering take out every night.

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