How to Choose the Right Window Covering for Bay Windows

Written By Alla Levin
February 18, 2021

Solving The Curtain Problem When You Have Bay Windows

Window coverings for bay windows: a bay window is a generic term used to describe protruding window constructions regardless of their height. The most common inside angles for bays are 90, 135, and 150 degrees but there are ones called prows which are triangular bays formed of two windows set at 120 degrees. Bay windows are so artistic that in a study conducted in 2012, they were identified to be a defining characteristic feature of San Franciscan architecture.

Bay windows treatments can be polygonal; a bay window that has a flat front and angled sides are called canted while one supported by a bracket or a corbel is called an oriel window, which makes up the most types of bay windows.

Bay windows mostly appear as a highly ornamented addition to a building rather than being an organized part of it. Hey often used to serve as small house chapel s during the Gothic period and an oriel window contained an alter resembling an apse of a church.

Window Covering for Bay WindowsWindow Covering for Bay Windows

According to windows and doors Winnipeg – the oriental oriel windows are mostly made of wood. They allow a view of outside but restrict visibility from the outside. In warmer seasons, bay windows can serve the same purpose as a balcony because there is usually additional storage or seating space beneath the window panes that creates a distinct focal and seating point of the room, only that it contains a privacy screen to shield from outside viewers.

Bay windows can make a room look much more significant than its actual size and provide views from outside that could not be available with an ordinary window. This is because they tend to protrude farther from the wall out into the exterior space which adds a bit more floor space on the interior.

Most houses that have bay windows include terraced houses, detached and semi houses, and blocks of flats. Usually, a bay window has three openings, available in angled projections and their overall structure has a picture window with two other windows that are usually smaller in size on either side. The angular lines and flat planes of a contemporary bay window are often considered more suitable for modern homes but they are perfectly appropriate and acceptable for just about any style of home.

Different Types of Window CoveringsDifferent Types of Window Coverings

When it comes to finding the right window treatment to cover bay windows, here is where the challenge comes in because they can be quite difficult to cover. To dress a bay window so perfectly that it brings out the unique artistic features is an art. Window Covering for Bay Windows: different kinds of blinds and window treatments can be used to achieve this.

  • Roman shades, for instance, can be used to update bay windows with their functionality and elegance as a window treatment. More often, the best type of Roman shade that would cover well a bay window is the flat roman shades because they frame the window but at the same time provide the option for a colorful and textural window accent.
  • Silk panels are another traditional way f updating the look of virtually any bay window. If you want to get a contemporary twist, apply a fabric tape or a braid inside every panel. Another option is using two colors of silk, one for the body of the drapery and a one or two-foot band either at the top or bottom of the silk panel.
  • A contemporary valance is one of the top window treatments that can be a great solution to making bay windows present your room as open and inviting. In a formal room, it is best to use shutters with a fabric valance on top with coordinating seat cushions and pillows. In other rooms of your home, using a fixed valance with operating shades underneath for more privacy is most suitable.
  • Drapery panels can also serve well in covering bay windows. The best way to place them is on the return walls of the bay window. They should be able to frame the bay but not clutter it or obstruct the view of the outside. Choosing the best fabric will determine this. Hang the draperies as high as possible so that you can prevent them from looking short on the bay windows. The rod should be raised to two inches below the crown molding to visually raise the ceilings in the room.
  • With how a bay window is laid out, it can also be quite hard to find a rod that works well let alone a window covering. Using hinged elbows that swivel and allow for a continuous rod application will work best. The type of rod you select will fit with the style of the room, it is therefore important to first determine the look you want to achieve before selecting the rod.
  • Another option is going for a custom-made binds that are specifically designed as per the structure and setting of the bay window. This is so far the best option as it will suit the needs and preferences of the homeowner; it can also be quite costly from the rest of the above.

Roman shades

Nothing beats bay windows when it comes to decorative windows and because of their design, they allow in more light into the living space than any other traditional windows. They are designed to open up the room to light from various angles, which is the effect responsible for forming the room appear larger.

Being the focal point of the room, choosing window treatments that allowing light without closing up space is important. Depending on the purpose of the room, you can use room darkening blinds that let in less light such as in the bedroom or the living room.

For those living in a Victorian home on a busy street, more privacy is the likely option. Consider hanging a roll-up blind or shade next to the glass along with sheers or heavier drapes over the binds for more privacy.

Wooden and vertical blinds allow for easy closing and the opening of the window. Always remember to choose the shades that match the décor of your interior home so that you can skip adding drapes altogether.

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