A Glance into Instagram “Reels” Future

Written By Alla Levin
February 24, 2021
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A Glance into Instagram “Reels” Future

There is no doubt that Instagram is the social app of the moment. To remain in this position, Facebook (owner of Instagram) keeps evolving the application. One of its latest addition is “Reels,” which takes its idea from Tik Tok. It is attracting a lot of interest from businesses and brands. Here are a few of the developments that should happen this year for “Reels.”

Posts, Stories, Reels… All Different Ways to be Seen

Companies don’t know how to get visible anymore. There are so many outlets available and a large number of products and services trying to shine on them. There are ways to create better posts through Instagram story templates that enable businesses to stand out. Without them, some companies would be lost. Now with “Reels,” they’ll have another challenge on their hands.

It is quite clear that the benefits of being seen on Instagram are real. That is why a journal like the Huffington Post has written an article on the subject to show its potential. According to it, 30% of Americans are currently using an Instagram account. Its growth is also impressive, as users’ engagement rate has grown by 53% over the years. Since videos are all the rage on Internet, it is fair to think that “Reels” will provide a nice new opportunity for brands.

Shopping Options on “Reels” Instagram Reels

It seems like the next step for Instagram will be to let users shop directly inside their app. It would mean that once you click on an Instagram reel, you will immediately add the item to your cart while keeping on browsing through the Instagram app. You can already do some shopping on Instagram TV, but this would be a real game-changer for social media. According to Instagram’s Adam Mosseri, the goal is to ease the finding of users’ favorite creators’ collections. For brands with no followers: Don’t worry! There will be an “explore” section where potential clients will be able to notice you.

Instagram Reels: Is Instagram making money over Creators?

As of now, Instagram does not share its publicity revenues with the creators of content. But when it was revealed that Instagram invoiced over $20 billion in ads last year, it quickly became a conversation subject. After all, if there is no content, there is no money. Now, Instagram has said that they are looking into a monetization tool for the creators inside the app. It would take the form of a partner program and would certainly apply to “Reels.”

So many things to look for in 2021!

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